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Selling, Sales Competition, The Sales Evangelist Are you ready to rumble?

This is no Mayweather v.s. Pacquiao match, but I will show you the right jabs and punches to help achieve your sale goals. In this episode, we’re going to focus on COMPETITION, which is a key aspect in sales. Don’t fight ’em or hate ’em. It’s a matter of understanding them.

WHY you need to UNDERSTAND your competition:

  • Competition drives innovation
  • You have to understand WHAT makes you different

HOW to make the RIGHT punches:

  1. Say something nice about your competition
  2. Talk about what is your key differentiator
  3. Translate it to their business
  • Know where you are different and where you can help
  • Understand the competitor’s business model and how you differentiate from them
  • What more can you offer that your competitor can’t?

HOW to understand your competitors:

  • Go to their website
  • Look at case studies and understand what they’re doing
  • Write down some questions you can ask every time you come across one of their customers. (Ex. Ask why they selected “xyz” vendor.)
  • Look at their pricing model (do they have annual cost or one time contracts etc)
  • Find out their key differentiators
  • Learn about the owner of the company
  • Learn about their social media activity
  • Study their financial report (if public)

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