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New Seller

New to sales and want to learn as much as possible to become successful in your new career? We want to help.

Sales Leader

One challenge new sales leaders and entrepreneurs face is increasing revenue with no prior experience. We can help.

Experienced Seller

Even long time sellers face difficulties overcoming sales ruts. Learn how to shatter your quota.

Welcome To The Sales Evangelist!

Sales Training

Improving sales can be difficult, especially when you’re a small company without a dedicated sales process. We have designed a sale training program precisely to solve this challenge.

Sales Consulting

Are you an entrepreneur who has to sell but don’t know how?
Wish you had a turnkey system designed for your business? We have helped like you organize an effective sales organization. Let our consultants assist you.

Sales Coaching

The new or experienced seller both needs to increase their sales effectiveness. The best way to do so is through 1-on-1 sales coaching. Our sales coaching program is designed to identify a seller’s weak point and strengthen it.

Sales Courses

Struggling with find new prospects? Don’t know how or where to start? Why not take a sales course? With over 50+ on-demand videos, we have something for both the new and experienced seller.

Welcome To The Sales Evangelist!

Popular Sales Podcast

We have the best sales podcast offering sales education in an entertaining manner. Our team produces 5 new episodes each week on a variety of sales topics. There is something for everyone.

Keynote and Workshop

Looking for a young dynamic speaker for your next sales meeting, workshop or annual event? Donald can help with that. With his energy and sales acumen, he is sure to educate and motivate your team into doing BIG THINGS.

Welcome To The Sales Evangelist!
  • From people to sales to entrepreneurship, Donald Kelly just gets it. I initially hired Donald to help hone my salesmanship and quickly discovered his knowledge extends well beyond sales. As I enter the initial stages of launching my own company, Donald  has become a sounding board, business consultant and trusted advisor. He takes the time to identify and truly understand my goals and challenges and offers relevant and innovative ideas that will help me to achieve long term success. Donald is an effective communicator ready to share his vast tool box of resources, knowledge and strategies with anyone looking to improve their sales techniques and business practices. From the novice sales person to the established entrepreneur, Donald has something to offer everyone.

    Destinee Walker
    Destinee Walker Entrepreneur
  • Donald Kelly has a deep understanding of how to connect, persuade and read individuals. These skills open the doors to a positive sales experience. He is a pro and all can take a page out of his book!

    Linda H. Yates Executive & Business Potential Coach
    Linda H. Yates Executive & Business Potential Coach L H Yates Consulting
  • Donald Kelly is a bright, insightful and innovative coach and consultant that has the ability to work across a broad range of sales mentoring with considerable expertise. He is a catalyst for coaching emerging sales talent with a willingness to share what he learns & what produces the best results for other high achievers. Donald brings a rare combination of integrity, high energy and fun to everything I have seen him pursue. When you are working with Donald you know you have the Sales Evangelist in your corner & you can too Do Big Things! In short - avoid working with Donald at all costs if your goal is to struggle with mediocre sales results.

    Jared Easley Co-Founder of Podcast Movement
    Jared Easley Co-Founder of Podcast Movement Starve The Doubts

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One person does not have all the answers. This is why we’re strong believers in a community and learning from other sellers. Fortunately, we have a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page. Join us today.

Welcome To The Sales Evangelist!


Podcast Episodes

We have a daily podcast producing 5 episodes per week focused on educating and motivating sales people. We interview some of the industry best sales experts on all sort of topics. From fundamental sales skills to the latest industry strategies. Subscribe today and check out the show.

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