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A modern sales foundation training program designed to help sellers hit sales targets every month!

Why Take TSE Sales Foundation  

The goal of every professional seller is to find potential customers, educate them about an offering that will solve a problem they are facing, and help them invest in the solution. But in the noisy climate of the modern business world, it is harder than ever to capture a sales prospect's attention and guide them through a complex sales process. 

The TSE Sales Foundation program teaches sellers the habits, strategies, and systems that will equip them to ramp faster, increase sales revenue, and consistently meet quota. Sellers will learn the basics of B2B sales that are guaranteed to establish confidence in their selling abilities, especially if they are selling to small to medium businesses.

Using modern, real-world situations, sellers learn the principles of successful prospecting, proper use of social media in cold outreach, critical thinking skills, effective use of questions, meaningful strategies for conducting discovery calls, and principles of conversion to close more deals.  

The TSE Sales Foundation course builds lasting sales habits through role-playing activities, weekly accountability, consistent communication, and live, instructor-led training sessions. This course promises to help sellers master the foundational sales skills that are the basis of repeatable sales success.  

Sales Training Feature Highlights 

  • Modern sales training that teaches prospecting, social selling, discovery, and other concepts and strategies using real-work situations
  • Hands-on, interactive training that helps sellers prepare for the rigors of selling
  • Progressive sales training course that sellers will build on throughout their careers
  • More than 55 short, easy-to-follow videos that teach sellers the value of effective habits and processes. 

Who Should Take TSE Sales Foundation Program?  

TSE Sales Foundation program sales training program can help every seller improve their skills. Whether they are veteran sales professionals having years of experience or a brand new B2B sales development representative. It’s designed to serve sales professionals selling to medium-sized organizations, and the following types of B2B sellers:

  1. Business Development Representatives (BDR)
  2. Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  3. Inside Sales Representatives
  4. Outside Sales Representative
  5. Account Executives (AE)
  6. Full Cycle Sellers 
  7. Account Representative
  8. Account Managers 

How It Works

The TSE Sales Foundation program works because it’s designed with sellers’ long-term success in mind. Unlike traditional sales training programs that present information to sellers in a one-time setting, the TSE Sales Foundation program engages sellers using repetition and practice techniques that help them internalize the principles they learn. Unlike other sales training which is forgotten within days of delivery, TSE Sales Foundation increases retention and ensures readiness for B2B sellers by involving them in the sales training process and building lasting habits. 

STEP 1: Watch Modules

Each week sellers are assigned specific modules to study, where they will watch the required videos, do the designated tasks. This should take no more than 30-60mins each week. We recommend watching a few videos each day. 

STEP 2: Community 

Sellers report on their progress to their assigned accountability partner, and engage with others in the cohort to expand the learning process beyond their own work. The community of other experienced sellers is also a great sounding board.  

STEP 4: Implementation 

Sellers will apply what they’ve learned to their own sales efforts each week. This real-world practice will solidify the principles, build lasting habits and internalize the sales training so as to maintain continual results. 

STEP 3: Group Sessions

Sellers will participate in a live, 90-minute instructor-led cohort training session each week. The sales training will provide additional insights beyond the modules, clarify principles from each session, and demonstrate techniques that will help sellers develop confidence in their knowledge and abilities.

Length of TSE Sales Foundation Program

TSE Sales Foundation program increases the likelihood of long-term success by methodically teaching sales basics over an extended period of time. Instead of participating in a short sprint or a one-day workshop, sellers dissect the sales content in small amounts over the course of seven weeks. This ensures that sales professionals have opportunities to practice what they learn in a positive environment and gain feedback from experienced coaches and sellers. Over the years we have seen this type of learning model offer the best ROI for both the seller and their company.

This particular sales training program lasts 7 weeks. Review the syllabus below for a more thorough breakdown of the content. 

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The TSE Sales Foundation Program uses long-term strategies to help sellers build effective habits they can build on as their careers progress. The hands-on approach allows them to craft the training to their own buyers and gain feedback from the sellers around them. Here is what we will cover in each session. 

Session 1: Program Introduction & Welcome

More Details

Program Introduction 

  1. Introduction and welcome
  2. Program overview   
  3. What to expect during each session 

Module 0: Getting Started

  1. About Donald and Instructors
  2. What is prospecting 
Session 2: Prospect Like An Evangelist 

More Details

Module 1: Preparing to Prospect

  1. Who is Your Ideal Customer? 
  2. Finding Your Ideal Customer
  3. Best Prospecting Methods
  4. The Dream 100 Strategy 
  5. What Key Performance Indicators Should I Track?
  6. Task Recap

Module 2: How to Do Cold Outreach

  1. What Do I Say When Reaching Out to Prospects?
  2. How Do I Create an Irresistible Value Message/Blindside Challenge?
  3. Creating and Following A Prospecting Flow Process
  4. Effective Daily, Weekly, and Quarterly Planning
  5. Task Recap
Session 3: Prospect Like An Evangelist

More Details

Module 3: Phone Prospecting 

  1. Understanding Your Buyer’s Buying Journey and Your Sales Process
  2. Who is your ideal customer 
  3. Do I Need a Script When Prospecting? 
  4. Meeting Agendas
  5. Pre-Call Research: What Should I Know Before Calling?
  6. How Do I Open the Conversation?
  7. Qualifying Prospects During Your Initial Call
  8. Have a Clear Outcome and a Logical Next Step
  9. What Do I Say On a Voicemail?
  10. How Do I Work With Gatekeepers?
  11. Task Recap

Module 4: Email Prospecting 

  1. Email Subject Lines
  2. How Do I Craft a Powerful Cold Outreach Email?
  3. Closing Your Emails
  4. Video Emails: When Do I Use Them and How?
  5. Video Email Software Recommendation
  6. Emails in Your Flow Process
  7. Email Notification and Scheduling
  8. Task Recap
Session 4: Creating Irresistible Value 

More Details

Module 5: Things to Know Before Your Meeting 

  1. Understanding Your Prospect’s Buyer’s Journey
  2. Knowing Why People Buy
  3. Applying Empathy
  4. Building Rapport
  5. Set Clear Rules Before You Play
  6. Task Recap

Module 6: Discovery Meetings

  1. Creating Effective Business Cases
  2. Paint a Picture for the Buyer
  3. What Should a Great Discovery Call Sound Like?
  4. Knowing the Common Objections Your Clients Typically Ask at Each Stage of the Process
  5. Status Quo: The Secret Deal Killer
  6. Task Recap
Session 5: Creating Irresistible Value 

More Details

Module 7: Know Who To Ask  

  1. Key Stakeholders
  2. Developing an Understanding of the True Challenge
  3. The Socratic Method
  4. The “5 Whys” Technique
  5. Effective Questions to Ask
  6. Task Recap

Module 8: Difficult Conversations

  1. Asking Tough Questions
  2. Knowing What to Listen For, and Why
  3. Effective Storytelling Strategies 
  4. Understanding Emotions and How to Use Them in Your Favor 
  5. Identifying Red Flags
  6. Task Recap
Session 6: The Conversion Phase

More Details

Module 9: Prepare for the Close 

  1. Don't Make Closing an Event
  2. Know the Decision Process Inside and Out
  3. Prepare a Plan With Your Buyer
  4. Reestablishing the Need for Change
  5. Task Recap

Module 10: Demo and Proposal 

  1. What Should My Demo Look Like
  2. Top Demo Pro Tip
  3. Get Them to Commit Little by Little
  4. What is the Proposal Review and How Do I Do It?
  5. Using PandaDoc to Get Proposal Moving Quicker 
  6. Talking About Money With Ease 
  7. Task Recap
Session 7: The Conversion Phase

More Details

Module 11: Final Talks

  1. Closing on Emotions 
  2. The Key to Effective Negotiation
  3. Assure the Sale
  4. I Have a Feeling This Won't Move Forward
  5. Task Recap

Module 12: Post Sale

  1. What to Do After You Get the Sale
  2. Sending Thank You Cards
  3. Asking for Referrals
  4. Task Recap
  5. Final Quiz

TSE Sales Foundation FAQ

What if I can't make a session?

If for some reason you’re unable to make a session, no worries. We will record each session and provide it to you within 24 hours. 

How long is each group session?

Each group session generally lasts 90 minutes each week. The LIVE sessions are typically scheduled on Thursdays or Fridays at downtimes during the day.

Do you offer team rates?

Yes. If you are trying to get multiple sellers in the program, we offer group rates. Team rates begin with six or more sellers. Contact a team member for details.

Could I get my company to pay for this?

Yes. Many companies offer a professional development allowance for each seller and will give you reimbursements for the program. Check with your organization/sales leader. We can provide you invoices as needed and a certificate upon completion of the program.

How many sellers are apart of the cohort?

Each cohort has a maximum of 25 individuals.

How long do I have access to the content? 

You will have access to the modules for 90 days after the program ends.

How long is the program?

The program will last 7 weeks. Two modules will be dripped each week. 

Are there prerequisite for this program?

No, there are no prerequisites for this program. 

What Clients Say About TSE Sales Foundation

Janine King 

Sales Professional 

"I really enjoyed this course a lot. I am actually going to go back and watch some of the modules again because I feel like this sales training gave me the tools I need to succeed, I just have to implement them."

Josh Elledge

Sales Leader

"Donald Kelly a.k.a. The Sales Evangelist has been our company’s go-to sales trainer for a couple of years...As a result, we’ve been able to build up a thriving organization of nearly 30 employees now. I regularly get compliments from our clients and potential clients about how great our team is to work with...I’m so grateful to Donald and all his guidance!!

Katie Henderson 

Enterprise Account Manager

"Donald provides training which speaks to current situations that sales people are all experiencing today, so it's relevant"

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