About The Sales Evangelist 

Dedicated to eliminating confusion from B2B selling so sellers can consistently hit their target each month! 

About The Sales Evangelist 

The Sales Evangelist is a sales training organization with a mission to eliminate confusion from B2B selling so sales professionals can consistently hit their target each month! We do this by teaching proven sales strategies, coupled with our step-by-step education process focused on helping sellers master lasting sales habits, build a bulletproof sales mindset, and gain the confidence to tackle any sales challenges.

Our Sales Education Philosophy

Our philosophy around sales education is focused on helping sellers develop lasting healthy sales habits. Unlike traditional sales training programs delivered in one day and quickly forgotten tomorrow, The Sales Evangelist programs are taught in short amounts over multiple weeks to reduce content overload and ensure sales professionals truly grasp the content. Here is a breakdown of how we deliver education:

  1. Step 1 - Each week sellers are assigned specific modules to study, where they will watch the required videos, do the designated tasks. This should take no more than 30-60 mins each week. 
  2. Step 2 - Since accountability is a proven way to ensure tasks are completed, sellers are assigned to a sales cohort where they report on their progress to their assigned accountability partner and engage with sellers in the program to expand the learning process beyond their own work. The community of other experience sellers is also a great sounding board. 
  3. Step 3 - Sellers participate in a live, 90-minute instructor-led cohort training session each week. The sales training will provide additional insights beyond the module's study, clarify principles learned, and offer role-play situations to practice the content learn. This process helps sellers develop confidence in their knowledge and abilities which allows them to build lasting habits. 
  4. Step 4 - Throughout the week sellers are able to apply what they’ve learned to their own sales efforts. This real-world practice solidifies the principles, builds lasting habits, and internalizes the sales training to maintain continual results. 

With the proper sales training and coupled with a personal desire to succeed, we believe anyone can thrive in sales, consistently hit quota, and earn the highest income of their professional career. This idea resonates in everything we do. 

What Does The Sales Evangelist Mean?

Historically the term "evangelist" demotes someone who is passionate about their belief and seeks to convert them to the cause. Similarly, we seek to help the nearly 60% of sellers, struggling to hit quota each month, get converted to a better way of selling that is guaranteed to help them thrive. What better way to express this is to become "evangelists" for the cause.

Over the next 5 years, our mission is to introduce 1,000,000 sales professionals to a better way of selling with our sales education programs, free content, podcasts, and events. Our Chief Sales Evangelist and founder, Donald C. Kelly, struggled as a new B2B sales professional. Fortunately, he was able to receive the proper training and guidance which has led to his success as a software seller and the formation of TSE as one of the world's renowned sales education organizations.

Sales Training Programs 

Regan Charie

Really enjoyed my sessions with Donald. His insight, recommendations, and outside perspective have already begun to change some of the ways our team interacts with our clients (prospects). Donald and his team are personable and terrific to work with, and we're looking forward to joining other TSE programs later down the line.

Regan Charie, Sales Manager

Educating The Next Generation

In addition to his sales textbook, Donald is also the author of "Sell it Like a Mango, A New Sellers Guide To Closing More Deals". The book is written based on Donald's experience watching street cart vendors sell in Jamaica. It teaches sellers how to differentiate themselves and succeed in sales. It is based on The Sales Evangelist's belief that anyone can thrive in sales and distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace—if they have a strong desire to succeed, a belief that they can, and an intentional strategy. This is an easy-to-follow book with proven principles and strategies to help sellers exceed in sales.

Sell it like a mango

Based upon our mission to eliminate confusion from B2B selling, our founder Donald C. Kelly, along with his co-author Dr. BJ Allen, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Brigham Young University, partnered with Stukent, a book publishing company, to create one of the first digital sales textbooks for college students. With its launch in 2021, the book is in universities across the globe to teach effective B2B selling principles to the next generation of college students. Today students are leaving college more equipped to enter the world of professional selling, taking roles as Business Development Representatives, Sales Development Representatives, and full-cycle sellers and ramping twice as fast than those not going through a formal sales education program.

"Donald and BJ hit the nail on the head in this courseware as it addresses the latest and greatest ways to sell to your customers. As a sales leader, I wish all my new sellers went through something like this in college. They would be light years ahead of their peers." 

Wes Young  VP of Sales, Skipio

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