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Just like most of you, I am a real life sales professional hustling in the world of software sales. If you were like me, you had no clue how to really sell when you started. Over the years I’ve received training/coaching from some of the industry’s leading experts. I applied what I was learning and started seeing a significant difference in my performance and income. I started doing “BIG THINGS”!

I personally feel that when you find something of value you should share it! That’s why I love sales so much. I became very passionate and started “evangelizing” about sales. A good buddy of mine, Jared Easley, then dubbed me “The Sales Evangelist”. He recommended that I further my reach by sharing sales tips to others through the medium of a podcast.
Today I interview some of the best sales, business and marketing experts. They provide invaluable training of how you can take your career, business and income to a top producer’s status. The podcast is set to launch next week. Be one of the first to be notified the day we release the first episode! Just send me an email at , with the subject “Podcast”. I promise to keep you informed! The podcast will be available via iTunes and Stitcher. I know you will enjoy it. Welcome to The Sales Evangelist!
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  • Jared Easley

    Donald! Congratulations sir.
    The world will soon know about Donald Kelly 🙂

    • The Sales Evangelist

      Thanks Jared! I appreciate the continual support, motivation and encouragement!

  • BJ Allen

    I am excited about your podcast. As someone who teaches a Sales Management class at the University of Oklahoma, I find your insights both refreshing and extremely useful! I am anxious to share your insights with my students!

    • The Sales Evangelist

      BJ, thanks for the kind words. I am glad that the information is helpful to you and your students. Are there any other sales topic’s you and students would like to learn more about?

  • Hyrum

    WOW! Donald, these podcasts are awesome! I have been in sales for a very very long time and it is always good to continue learning from other professionals in my industry. Your podcast has proven to be immensely valuable, and entertaining, to me and I will be a weekly listener to your shows…great job!

    • The Sales Evangelist

      Hyrum!!! Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. I appreciate the encouragement man. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.