What is BusDev2022?

BusDev'22 Summit is a 1-day business development summit featuring some of the world's best sales influencers teaching sellers and sales leaders the latest sales outreach strategies proven to offer success. BusDev'22 Summit is unique in its hands-on, workshop-like environment focused on helping you learn through application. Attendees are HIGHLY encouraged to bring their laptops, a physical notebook or tablet to take notes and participate in the interactive trainings. Donald C. Kelly and The Sales Evangelist Training organization will host the BusDev'22 Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Event Highlights

  • High-quality, engaging sales training from industry-leading business development experts.

  • Practical business development strategies and tactics from sales practitioners in a hands-on workshop environment and NOT just water down theories you can find in a google search. 
  • Networking opportunities to build lasting relationships with other top-performing sellers and sales leaders. 
  • Unique sales educational experiences rather than a boring all-day lecture.

Who Should Attend BusDev22?

BusDev'22 is designed for sales leaders, sellers, and anyone involved in revenue generation activities for their organization. Here is a list of sales roles who will find this a valuable and awesome event: 

  • Business Development Representatives
  • Sales Development Representatives 
  • Full Cycle Sellers 
  • Business Development Managers 
  • Account Executives 
  • Account Managers 
  • CROs
  • VPs of Sales 
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Enablement Teams

BusDev22 Speakers

One of the top reasons sellers tell us why they want to come to BusDev'22 is because of the speakers. A lineup of energetic, engaging business development practitioners offering tactical strategies and insights people can immediately implement is critical! Check out our lineup.

Donald C. Kelly 

 Chief Sales Evangelist 

The Sales Evangelist

Dale-Dupree-BusDev 2022

Dale Dupree

Founder and CEO

The Sales Rebellion

Dejuan brown

DeJuan A. Brown

Director, Business Applications


Cynthia Barnes - BusDev Summit

Cynthia Barnes

Keynote Speaker | Sales Influencer

National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP)

Garnor Morantes - BusDev Summit

Garnor Morantes

Director, Integrated Marketing, LinkedIn Sales Solutions


Anita Nielsen

President Owner

LDK Advisory Services

Jordan Crawford Bus Dev Speaker

Jordan Crawford



Some of Our Topics include:

  • Most effective to creatively do cold outreach 
  • What prospects are expecting from your discovery calls
  • What is working in 2022 when it comes to writing great cold emails
  • Most underused Sales Navigator outreach strategies 
  • State of Sales by LinkedIn - What b2b prospects are expecting in 2022

What to Expect at BusDev 2022?

BusDev Summit 2022 event is designed for BDRs, sales leaders, and anyone involved in revenue generation activities for their organization. Here is what you can expect when you attend this year. 

High QuaLITY SALES Education

Attendees can expect high-quality, hands-on sales education from leading industry experts on new business development strategies, tips, and tools to build your sales pipeline. We're ditching the theories              and teaching real-life examples and concepts you can leave and apply right away to stay ahead of                        current trends. 

Small Group Learning

With our 100 in-person attendance cap, you don't have to worry about getting lost in the shuffle. You'll                  get all your questions answered, and the care and attention you deserve.


Connect with 100 other like-minded sellers passionate about learning the latest business development strategies and growing sales pipeline. Whether you are a seasoned sales veteran or brand new to sales,                you'll have opportunities to build lasting relationships and strategic partnerships. Who knows, you may                  even be able to find your next sales gig or get introduced to a new prospect.

Get INspired and Get Motivated With a CLear Plan 

BusDev Summit 2022 is designed to make you feel like you can take on the world. You'll be equipped with new skills and knowledge from each speaker to establish a clear path of action. Come Monday morning                you'll be able to get started immediately on improving your business

BusDev22 Agenda


You missed out!

Thursday June 23, 2022

7:30 PM 

BusDev VIP dinner and networking with speakers 

Attendees will get a chance to eat and connect with each other

Friday June 24, 2022

7:00 AM 

Registration opens, introduction and network!

Attendees receive their bags and other event-related swag. They also have the opportunity to connect and network with others. 

8:30 AM

Welcome and event kickoff. 

The official start of the event. Donald Kelly will deliver a welcome message to jump-start the day. 

9:30 AM 12:30 PM

Interactive business development workshop-style sessions. 

Enjoy a jam-packed morning of interactive training. 

9:00 AM

Garnor Morantes - LinkedIn State of Sales - How Sales Navigator Can Help You Win Now

With more than 800 Million Users, LinkedIn is the leading platform for B2B sales. Through this thriving ecosystem and additional research, LinkedIn knows what buyers want and how top-performing sellers are winning more deals. Based on data from its Fifth Annual State of Sales, Garnor Morantes will share emerging trends in buyer expectations, remote selling, how top-performing sellers exceed quota and more. You will also get a first-hand view of how you can use Sales Navigator today to boost your business development efforts. 

12:30 PM

Break for lunch 

Attendees are able to enjoy lunch at one of two delicious venues or offices at local restaurants around the hotel. 

1:30 PM

Interactive business development workshop sessions and panel discussions. 

Enjoy a jam-packed afternoon of interactive training and listen to a panel of sales experts share their business development secrets. 

2:15 PM

Jordan Crawford - Why They Never Reply: Cold Email in 2022

Remember when people used to reply to your cold emails? Now you have to offer them cash, talk about their favorite football team, use AI to fake personalize, and send a 24 long sequence. And you can't track open rates anymore as those tracking links are blocked by Apple and tell Google you're spam! And with all this hard work, fewer than 1% ever reply.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Jordan Crawford will talk about how to find companies in pain, categorize their pain, and communicate precisely to each company about that pain, at scale. You'll learn about the best data out there (forget ZoomInfo), about standing up an automated outbound system, trigger thinking to identify moments your prospects care about, and a healthier approach to outbound that doesn't have your reps writing their own emails. What's more? He'll give you ideas for your exact company if you register ahead of time!

4:30 PM

Closing keynote and event wrap-up. 

Get pumped and energized to implement all your new business development ideas.

5:00 PM

Rooftop restaurants and bars 

Attendees have the option to explore the rooftop attractions and continue making connections.

Early Bird Tickets Ends Soon!


You missed out!


Early bird pricing ends May 24

Virtual - Online Only Ticket


Regular Price $197

  • Sit back and let BusDev come to you! Our streaming passes have you covered from the comfort of your home office.
  • Access to all training sessions online.

Best Value

General Admission 

Early bird pricing ends May 24

General Admission In-Person 


Regular Price $349

  • All Access to each workshop at the beautiful Canopy by Hilton downtown West Palm Beach (including access to the recording training at our event On-Demand library).
  • No stress, hands-on, in-person session access with industry experts.
  • Access to special hotel rates through Canopy by Hilton's effortless online booking.
  • Enjoy lunch from one of Canopy's amazing onsite restaurants or choose to enjoy delicious local restaurants within walking distance from the hotel (for individual purchase).

VIP In Person

Early bird pricing ends May 24

VIP Pass In-Person


Regular Price $649

  • Everything from our General Admission Pass, plus:
  • Exclusive VIP Dinner with the speakers the day before the event
  • Reserved VIP seating throughout the event
  • Complimentary BusDev 2022 Conference Shirt

Location & Venue

Canopy Hotel by Hilton Downtown West Palm Beach

Canopy West Palm Beach
Canopy West Palm Beach
Room Canopy West Palm Beach
Rooftop Restaurant Canopy West Palm Beach
Downtown West Palm Beach

Location downtown West Palm Beach, blocks away from the Intracoastal waterway and access to amazing restaurants and entertainment. 

Awesome Rooms! 

If you need a room, book it today to get access to the discounted rate. Discount rates will last until May 24th. 

Onsite Restaurant

Visit the wonderful root top bar and restaurant and enjoy the evening while enjoying delicious meals with awesome company. 

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I really enjoy participating in each sales events. I encourage everyone to make them a priority. They are a great way to expand your sales education, network with others and gain new insights to expand your skills.

Jean Sully