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Success Magazine - Donald Kelly—The Sales Evangelist—Is Out to Create a Community of World-Class Sellers

When Donald Kelly was 6 years old, he wanted to make a little pocket cash. His family’s yard in Jamaica had a large mango tree, so one day, he picked a few sweet, juicy mangoes, set up a table in the front yard, and tried to sell them to neighbors. 

“It wasn’t fruitful—no pun intended—but it was an interesting experience,” Kelly says. “It catapulted me.” If you want to make money, he thought at the time, you need to figure out how to sell something. (Read more)

Calendly - Donald Kelly The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly — a sales expert whose podcast has 3.6 million downloads and been featured in Forbes — found himself homeless as a teen.

“My mother worked multiple jobs, but she fell on hard times as a single parent, so we lost our apartment,” says Donald.

“I told myself I would never let this happen again to my family,” he says. “I realized if I can go through that and pull through, I can do anything. I’m Donald Freakin’ Kelly; I can do hard things. I can pick up the phone as a salesperson every single day.” (Read More)

LinkedIn - Diverse Sales Team

Historically in sales, doing what’s right hasn’t always aligned with what’s likely to generate revenue. That’s not the case with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

This year, LinkedIn commissioned Forrester to provide an independent and objective analysis on the topic of DEI in sales. Here are a few key findings from Forrester’s October 2021 study that sales leaders and hiring managers will want to know: 

  • 60% of respondents stated that diversity within their sales team has contributed to their teams’ success.
  • 82% predict that the racial or ethnic diversity of (read more)

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