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Sales Mindset Training

Successful sellers rely on an effective sales mindset as much as they rely on their skillset. The best sellers know that their sales skillset alone won’t lead them to success.

Your team’s sales mindset is its set of attitudes or beliefs about sales, about themselves, about the team, about the product or solution you offer, and about your customers. And like your team’s skill set, your team’s mindset can be improved.

The team at The Pacific Institute® has studied mindset extensively and concluded that beliefs have the power to limit sellers’ success by preventing them from hearing what their customers really need. The good news is that sellers who let go of these limiting mindsets have the power to dramatically improve their sales performance.

THOUGHT PATTERNS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE® Sales Professionals changes the way your team sells by encouraging the development, and sustainment, of a growth mindset. Facilitated discussions will help your sellers target customer mindset issues and focus on keeping customers engaged in the sales process. They’ll gain tools and develop a growth mindset that will optimize resiliency, maximize confidence, and equip sales professionals to exceed their quota.

What To Expect From Sales Mindset Training

Mindset training doesn’t seek to identify skill gaps or help your sellers learn techniques like social outreach or cold calling.

Instead, sales mindset training teaches the seller to think differently. It helps your sellers identify the negative thinking that they’ve accepted and then realize how that negativity impacts their daily interactions and decisions. It helps them understand how successful sellers use their beliefs to their own benefit, and how to control their responses to the circumstances around them.

Several writers have compared negative thinking to computer malware that slows your computer down and keeps it from operating efficiently. If that’s true, then sales mindset training will protect your sellers’ minds from the malware that inhibits their success.

Measuring the Success of Sales Mindset Training

The success of your sales mindset training shouldn’t look very different than that of your traditional sales training. Just as you would with skill set training, you’ll compare the benefits of the program with its costs to determine how much value it provides for your organization.

In both cases, your team’s metrics should improve after the training. Your sellers’ KPIs, both leading and lagging metrics, should reflect the effectiveness of the training as well as their ability to apply what they’ve learned.

In short, you should see an increase in sales and all the related activities that go with it.

Register For Our Upcoming Training: NOV 2, 2021


TEXT "MINDSET"  TO (561) 377 2840 TO LEARN MORE 

Benefits of Sales Mindset Training

In today’s current climate, sales professionals -- even those who have experienced past success -- struggle to reach out to prospective buyers for fear that the time isn’t right. The fear and negativity associated with rejection keeps sellers from doing the thing they do best: selling.

The Sales Evangelist team has partnered with The Pacific Institute® to help sales teams develop a mindset that will carry them through challenging seasons. THOUGHT PATTERNS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE® Sales Professionals equips sellers to build mental clarity and move quickly toward established goals.

Specifically, they’ll learn to: 

  • Overcome fear
  • Clarify goals
  • Develop grit
  • Establish high-performance habits
  • Raise belief in themselves
  • Optimize resiliency
  • Break through obstacles
  • Overcome negative thinking
  • Understand ideal buyers
  • Gain confidence
  • Exceed targets
  • Generate strong affirmations

How It Works

Unlike traditional training programs with a one-time information dump, The Sales Evangelist and The Pacific Institute® believe that results happen when beliefs change and good habits are established. THOUGHT PATTERNS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE® Sales Professionals is set up with this concept in mind, to help your sellers maximize their sales efforts.

  • Seven (8) 2-hour online sessions
  • Small-group, instructor-led online trainings
  • Personalized Sales BluePrint™ to assess seller’s current mindset
  • Role play of real-life sales scenarios that address current and future sales challenges
  • Small-group breakout sessions
  • Access to online library of videos to reinforce each session
  • Participant training manual
  • Facilitated discussions targeting customer mindset issues

Sales Mindset Training Delivery Options:

On-Site Training

On-site Training

When circumstances allow, the program may be facilitated in a two-day format. 

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

For online settings, choose small group, instructor-led training sessions. 

Hybrid Training

To get the best of both, choose a hybrid, one-day onsite with a three-week online format. 

What Your Team Will Learn

Building Us

U1 – Where Do We Start?
• We begin by uncovering tools we already have at our disposal, that we will utilize as we move to a more constructive sales mindset.

U2 –Beliefs: Taking Inventory
• Beliefs form the foundation that controls how we live and act in the world. It’s why we think the way we do.

U3 – The Power in How We Think
• Understanding how we think is a vital ingredient in the change process.

U4 – The Liberators: Habits, Attitudes and Comfort Zones
• What used to hold us back now becomes what sets us free to grow.

U5 – The Internal Dialogue
• This constant conversation in our minds can keep us in the past or help us move to the future we want.

Change the Picture

U6 – The Tools for Growth (2 segments)
• A structured process provides tools to change our internal picture of ourselves and the future we want.

U7 – The Strength is in the Pictures
• More tools help us to solidify the changes we want.

The Strength to Change:

U8 – Building Inner Strength
• Change comes from within and so does the strength to change

What to Change:

U9 – Creating the Path to the Future
• Decide what to change, and goal-set toward the desired end results.

Maintaining the Change:

U10 – Getting to the “Why”
• Our motivation makes or breaks our path to our sales goals.

U11 – The Horizon Beyond the Horizon
• To keep energy and creativity going, we want to look far beyond tomorrow, to each next tomorrow.

U12 – Where Do We Go From Here?
• Happiness, Credibility and Purpose outline our basic Philosophy of Sales.


Getting Started With Sales Mindset Training

Register your team for our next sales mindset cohort.

Complete assessments and attend each mindset training session.

Participate in ongoing coaching and witness increase revenue.

Clients That Have Benefited From Mindset Training

The best move I could have made for my career.

Hiring a sales coach was one of the best moves I could have made for my career. Not only did it show my company I was personally invested in my position, but it dramatically helped to get personalized training vs group training.  Donald was a tremendous asset to help me accomplish my goals."

Chaz Kochel  //  Formlabs

Register For Our Upcoming Training: NOV 2, 2021


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