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The Sales Evangelist, Sales from the Street, Michael ManzurToday’s episode is about getting social… the right way. Our guest today is Michael Manzur. He has some great insights into utilizing social media for selling. It’s about taking advantage of things that will help us work smarter, not harder. These are things that have worked for them, that might already be working for you now, or things that you can still improve upon. Michael is the CEO of Flood Me Social, a social media marketing agency.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Michael:

Michael’s greatest sales struggles he has had:

How to align the brand with the audience

Strategies to help align your business with your audience:

  1. Figure out where your audience is engaging.

Observe all the social cues and all the different cues you get.

  1. Align the value with the need then implement steps to get there.

Observe how to align your value to their need.

  1. Build rapport.

You probably hear this a lot but it’s still being less applied. Understand why these people do what they want to do.

  1. Understand social cues through demographics.

Figure out the person’s age, occupation, location, etc. Understand those needs to be able to create a snapshot.

  1. Continue bringing value.

You want the success to continue. Make sure everything is aligned. Align your why and how. Remember that the how informs and the why transforms.

Michael’s Major Takeaway:

Know your why. It’s a very powerful element in sales. You want to make sure the why of the company and your internal why are all aligned with the needs of the customer.

Check out their Facebook group, Miami Social Media Marketing (you don’t have to be someone from Miami) and find great value especially if you need any social media marketing advice.

Episode Resources:

Flood Me Social

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The Science of Selling by David Hoffeld

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