Work with Donald - The Sales Evangelist

Sales Guidance That Helps You Generate More Revenue Consistently!

Design a sales process
for repeatable growth

We’ll evaluate your existing sales process,
identify gaps in your system, and establish
a customized sales plan that everyone on your team can follow. 

Generate opportunities
that increase revenue

Our team will guide your sellers to identify the
best customers and focus their efforts on
activities that lead to greater revenue
and more reliable pipelines.

Grow underperforming sellers into consistent, reliable closers

We will coach your sellers through
the sales fundamentals that drive
quota attainment, revenue growth,
and repeatable success.

TSE Certified Sales Training Program

Whether you’re brand new and learning how to sell, a seasoned seller not seeing the results needed to become a top performer, or a struggling salesperson without a process looking for motivation and new sales skills, The Sales Evangelist Certified Sales Training Program is just for you.

You will learn how to overcome the common barriers holding you back from mastering the fundamentals of effective selling.

In The Sales Evangelist Certified Sales Training Program, I will walk you through our proven step-by-step process to becoming a great seller. With short, high-quality training videos jam-packed with actionable strategies, you will be closing more deals in no time!

How to Transform Your Small Business Sales

Wondering why your small business isn’t growing the sales you desire? There are many reasons your sales pipeline may be down, or your team just isn’t closing deals. Download ‘The Small Business Sales Transformation Guide’ free to find out how to turn this around with time-tested, proven sales techniques. 

“To be successful, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”

~Donald C. Kelly, The Sales Evangelist