The Sales Evangelist

DK The Sales Evangelist Welcome to the Sales Evangelist podcast (TSE)! Everyone here at the Sales Evangelist podcast is excited for the launch of the show.

In this episode I will:

  • Introduce the show
  • Introduce the purpose of the podcast
  • Outline the episode and the host, me!

In a previous blog post I gave some background information about how the show actually was conceived and started. For this episode I go a bit more into detail. I also have a little surprise in the introduction of the show. I like to have fun and I love to share value.

If you want to learn a little more about me, you can connect with me on social media. I am on Twitter, Google+Facebook LinkedIn, and You may also learn more in the about me sections.

Once again, welcome to The Sales Evangelist podcast! I hope you find these sales tips valuable as you listen to the show. If you have learned something new from the episodes, feel free to share it and leave me ratings and review on iTunes or Stitcher. But most importantly, DO BIG THINGS!

 Check out the Podcast in iTunes here!

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