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The Sales Evangelist; Sales Coaching, Motivation This is the Sales Evangelist Coaching Bootcamp!

The 20% top performers bring in 80% of the business. They do, think, and work different. They use a different methodology than the 80% average sellers.

Here are some coaching tips to get you moving and get results:

Outwork yourself.

Do one more call. You might get in touch with someone who can become your next customer.

Look at your goals.

Write them down. Put them in front of you.

Make ideal goals that will stretch you but are within your range and industry.

Set those goals then go to work.

Don’t look at other people’s goals. Focus on your goals.

Meet with people earlier, if possible.

Meet with customers even before you get to work.

Current customers buy more things from you because they already trust you.

Push yourself.

That little push of giving your all right there at the finish line can mean between you accomplishing those goals or not.

Look at one more door.

Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

80%’s quit at 4 o’clock; 20% (top performers) go above and beyond.

Learn from other experts.

Read books (Audible or go to your local library)

Don’t make excuses.

Don’t whine. Don’t complain.

Make it rain. Work harder. Push yourself till the end.

Go out and DO BIG THINGS!

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