TSE 1221: How To Create A LinkedIn Profile That Consistently Brings New Business To Your Pipeline

How do you use your LinkedIn profile? Many salespeople create a LinkedIn profile to bring in new business.  Felipe Lodi is a returning guest and he’s back to teach salespeople how they can create [...]

TSE 1220: The Accidental Seller Series 7  – “Debby Montgomery Johnson”

Here’s another episode from the Accidental Seller Series where we interview successful salespeople who didn’t start their careers with the intention of going into sales.  Debby Montgomery Johnson [...]

TSE 1219: 5 Counter-intuitive Mistakes Preventing You From Closing Revenue

There are times salespeople don’t make the best decisions that would lead to closing deals. These mistakes can cause a fall. Let’s take a look at the 5 counterintuitive mistakes preventing you [...]

TSE 1218: How To Write A Cold Email Your Prospect Will Open And Reply To

The cold email has been part of the sales process for a very long time but how do you actually write a cold email that your prospect will open and reply to? Anton van Rhyn is the CEO and founder [...]

TSE 1217: The Accidental Seller – Joseph Storer

Joseph Storer is one of them.  Growing up, Joseph Storer wasn’t sure of what his career would look like. He was a lazy student in high school but he had a passion for playing baseball. Joseph [...]

TSE 1216: How Can I Use AI To Increase Sales?

Have you ever thought to use AI to increase sales? In today’s society, the application of AI is apparent throughout many industries, including sales. 27% of global consumers say that AI can [...]

TSE 1215: Three Ways To Make You More Successful Selling Over The Phone

Have you ever tried selling without being in front of someone? Three tactics to successfully sell over the phone include building relationships, choosing the right words, and knowing the right [...]

TSE 1214: The Accidental Seller – Stephen Snyder

  Welcome to the fifth episode of The Accidental Series.  Some people are into sales because it’s their passion, while others were led to the industry because of their circumstances. We call [...]

TSE 1213: How to Build A Six Figure Income Even If You’re Not Great At Closing! 

Ever wonder how you can build a six-figure income even if you’re not great at closing? Closing is one of the most important parts of sales. It is crucial and every word you utter during closing [...]

TSE BLOG 027: How Learning and Development Training Can Boost Sales Team Success

Companies are only dedicating 10% of their training activities in improving sales. Should this number increase? A recent report says yes. The Case for Sales TrainingAccording to the 2019 [...]

TSE 1212: Networking Effectively and Creating a Sphere of Influence

The idea of networking effectively and creating a sphere of influence is nothing new in sales. It’s a facet of sales that everybody understands and executes. Networking is one sure way of meeting [...]

TSE 1211: The Accidental Seller Series – Wendell Jordan

This is the 4th episode for the Accidental Seller series. Wendell Jordan is the owner of Jordan Consults and a local SEO specialist. His company works with small businesses to increase their [...]

TSE 1210: How to Seize Attention and Build Trust in a Busy World 

  As salespeople, we look for ways to seize attention and build trust. While prospecting and building trust among clients is critical, it’s also one of the most difficult tasks in sales.  [...]

TSE 1209: How to Negotiate a Mutual Win

Salespeople are always looking for a win and when closing with clients, landing a great deal while being able to negotiate a mutual win is the ideal goal.   Adam Ayers studied mechanical [...]

TSE 1208: The Accidental Seller- “Ashlee Reusch”

This is the third episode for the Accidental Seller series brought to you by The Sales Evangelist.  Ashlee Reusch is a business development representative at Cognos HR. Ashlee was always on the [...]

TSE 1207: How to 10X Your Income With Repeat and Referred Business

Businesses, regardless of size, will always find ways to grow. One sure tactic to 10x your income is to use repeat and referred business.  Gia Le is from Australia with a mixed heritage of [...]

TSE 1206: The Main Things Generating The Most Leads Right Now! 

  As salespeople, we often ask ourselves about the main things generating the most leads right now because we always want to be in on everything that works. Consumers’ purchasing decisions [...]

TSE 1205: The Accidental Seller Series 2 – “DeJuan Brown”

This is the second episode of the series The Accidental Seller. There is a more accidental sellers in the sales industry than we know of. In fact, there are about 4.14 million sales professionals [...]

TSE 1204: “Impossible to Inevitable”

How can salespeople turn the impossible to inevitable?  Aaron Ross is the author of the book Predictable Revenue and a proud father to nine children. The book Predictable Revenue is called the [...]

TSE 1203: One Major Closing Question You’re Neglecting To Ask 

  There are times when the sale is almost a done deal but at the end of the day, it’s not pushing through because there’s that one major closing question you’re neglecting to ask. This [...]

TSE 1202: The Accidental Seller Series 1 – “Ludovic Vuillier”

Hubspot’s stats showed that 46% of salespeople did not intend to go into sales. That means a massive 4.14 million individuals are now an example of an accidental seller. Perhaps they were working [...]

TSE 1201: What Is Social Dynamic Selling & Why Does This Work So Well?

Many sellers appreciate how social dynamic selling works well. It’s effective and has connected more than 2 million consumers to their clients.  Rylee Meek grew up in a small town in South Dakota [...]

TSE 1200: How To Elevate Your Sales Game 

As a salesperson, you might have asked yourself the ways to elevate your sales game.  Dug McGuirk is a national trainer with Tony Robbins. He is a peak performance strategist to help people get a [...]

TSE 1199: Sales From the Street: “I Almost Quit”

  We all face challenges and sometimes, the sense of defeat is so strong that the phrase, “I almost quit,” is so relatable.  Luigi Prestinenzi struggled in his sales journey as well. His mom was [...]

TSE 1197: Effectively Sell New Products To Current Customers

  Salespeople often ask how to effectively sell new products to current customers. Some clients are satisfied with the current service they’re getting and they’re not keen on investing in another [...]

TSE 1198: Closing Questions

  Salespeople are good at closing deals but before that, we are great in making closing questions. Master the closing deals that ensure a done deal client.  Benton Crane isn’t from the [...]

TSE 1196: Sales From The Street – “Are You Firing Me?”

One of the scariest questions to ask in this field is, “are you firing me?” You might have asked this yourself, out loud or in silence, but regardless of how, it’s nerve-wracking just the same.  [...]

TSE 1195: Creating Great Customer Experiences To Close More Deals

Creating great customer experiences to close more deals is often a neglected sales strategy by many. That shouldn’t be the case.  Dan Cockerell grew up in the hospitality industry. He went to [...]

TSE 1194: Use Contact Marketing to Breakthrough to Anyone

Prospecting is always a challenge for sellers, but it’s easier when you use contact marketing to breakthrough to anyone.  Stu Heinecke is a Wall Street Journal cartoonist, a marketer, and an [...]

TSE 1193: The 6 Critical Steps To Developing a Successful Sales Strategy

Sales strategies aren’t born from thin air; rather, there are six critical steps to developing a successful sales strategy.  Lance Tyson is an author and speaker who runs his own training [...]

TSE 1192: Changes to The Sales Evangelist Podcast

The time has come to bring some changes to The Sales Evangelist podcast. The TSE podcast has been around for six years and over time, we’ve been mentioned in a number of magazines including Yahoo [...]

TSE 1191: Why You Can’t Do It All On Your Own

  Even if you consider yourself a fiercely independent seller, you’ll sometimes need help from others because you can’t do it all on your own. Adam Carswell works for Concordia Realty [...]

TSE 1190 How to Nurture “No” Into “Yes”

  A good salesperson knows how to nurture “No” into “Yes”. Hearing No in the sales world is common regardless of what you sell or to whom you’re selling to. When you hear a no, you can’t [...]

TSE 1189 Pulling Profits Out of a Hat

Pulling profits out of a hat is something that salespeople are raving about. But how do you go about it?  Brad Sugar has been in the teaching business for 26 years and now has coaching offices in [...]

TSE 1188: 3 Tips to Improve Closing

For organizations looking to expand their footprint and extend their reach, these 3 tips to improve closing will help them achieve those goals. Johnny-Lee Reinoso operates a sales and marketing [...]

TSE 1187 How Do I Deal With Unresponsive Inbound Leads?

There are tricks on how to deal with unresponsive inbound leads. Dealing with people who come to your website and who give their phone numbers and emails but don’t want to talk to you doesn’t [...]

TSE 1186 Write Your Company’s Obituary: Identify or Rediscover Your Company’s Purpose

Having to write your company’s obituary sounds a bit morbid but there’s a good reason why doing this is important. One result is that doing so will help you identify and rediscover your company’s [...]

TSE 1185: Why Do Salespeople Talk So Much?

When I asked The Sales Evangelist community what they wanted to know about sales, one of the questions that emerged was, “Why do salespeople talk so much?” It annoys a lot of people, primarily [...]

TSE 1184 Sales From The Street: “The Heart Flow Sales Process”

Sales is a process and every salesperson has to master the heart flow sales process before expecting results.  Janet Clark’s company, The Freedom Shift, is a sales matchmaker. Janet matches [...]

TSE 1183: Modernizing the Software Demonstration

Modernizing the software demonstration can help prospects better understand your product value and keep your digital buyers connected to your product throughout the buying process. Greg Dickinson [...]

TSE 1182: How To NOT Ruin Relationships When Selling To Friends

Have you ever wondered how to not ruin relationships when selling to friends? This can be difficult because you would still want to keep the relationship even when they’ve said no.  This isn’t a [...]

TSE 1181: 3 Things Leaders Do To Hurt Sales Rep Relationships

    Sometimes, there are 3 things leaders do to hurt sales rep relationships and most times, they do it unintentionally. This is especially hard because sales leaders and sales reps spend a [...]

TSE 1180: Can I Classify My LinkedIn Leads As Inbound Leads?

  With all the focus on social selling, it can be difficult to determine whether you can consider referrals and connections that result in LinkedIn leads as inbound leads. If a prospect [...]

TSE 1179: Business Proposal Trends in 2019

  What are some of the business proposal trends in 2019 that you’ve used and that have worked for your industry? Trends change so often that we have to keep track of all the changes to be in the [...]

TSE 1178: B2B Sales Optimization

  B2B sales optimization requires a longterm commitment to creating quality content that will grow your audience and increase your success. Bill Bice, CEO of  boomtime, said he was born to [...]

TSE 1177: Our Inbound Leads Are Causing More Work Than Good Sales

Often, you hear salespeople say, “Our inbound leads are causing more work than good sales.” It’s always on the question of who should follow up on inbound leads and how to go about it [...]

TSE 1176: Specific Account-Based Sales Development Best Practices For The Modern, Social Sellers

From account selection to sales plays, Jamie Shanks helps sales professionals understand and adopt best practices for the modern, social sellers. Jamie is the CEO of Sales For Life, which is the [...]

TSE 1175: TSE Certified Sales Training “How to Succeed As a BDR”

Whether you’re learning it for your own work as a BDR or you’re preparing to help another seller, there are five important keys to help you succeed as a BDR. If you’re looking to move to the next [...]

TSE 1174: Why Do You Say That Failure is the Greatest Sales Lesson?

Sellers get knocked down plenty of times, but sometimes failure is the greatest sales lesson. Brad McDonald works with Sandler Systems which has 250 franchises around the world that help [...]

TSE 1173: Three Great Closing Questions

  There are three great closing questions that salespeople often ask because everyone in the sales arena wants to make sure that we’re closing effectively. The answers to the three great closing [...]