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Alex Berman, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Sales Funnel What if you could generate over $50 million in sales lead? Well, my guest today, Alex Berman, has done that. Hopefully you can apply the strategies he’s sharing with us today so you can see the same success that he’s had.

Lead generation is one of the most important things in sales. You’ve got to have a way to generate new opportunities to keep your pipeline running.

Alex Berman is the founder of Experiment 27, a marketing company for mobile app development and design companies. They basically grew the company from nothing to over $400,000 in annual revenue in just 45 days through almost all cold emails.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Alex:

Cold emails done wrong: People simply try it.

The best way to learn Facebook ads is to spend $10,000 a month over 3 months with an expert. The same with cold email, be willing to go out there and send hundreds and thousands of emails to learn from each and get better.

The pitch in your first 200-300 emails would probably be unappealing. People won’t want to read it because it’s most likely all about you.

Best strategies for getting email addresses and writing cold emails:

  1. Identify your target market.

Know who your customer is and more importantly, know where you can find a database of these people.

  1. Identify a place where you can go find them (ex. AngelList, lists and directories)
  2. Search for the email addresses.

Once you have their name and domain, look up their email addresses at certain free sites such as Thrust and

  1. Create a contact database.

List down in each column, the company name, channel (place where you found them), and remarks (existing project or something you’re impressed about)

  1. Customize your email.

Make your email personal and start it by telling something positive about them.

  1. Provide them with free ideas.

First, know the things they’re struggling with and then share some ideas that can add value to them. Say something that they haven’t considered before. What can you say that will differentiate you from the others?

  1. Send as many emails as you possibly can.

Write each one by hand and imagine you’re at a networking event. As you write the same email over and over again, actively tweak them in a way that sounds personal. Whichever customized email that you get a response from, start making it as your email script.

Strategies for tracking metrics:

  1. Number of emails/calls sent
  2. Meeting Booked rate

How many emails turn into leads? This is the goal of the email. If the prospect asks you to follow up in three months, for instance, use a followup automation tool such as Yesware that allows you to write emails ahead of time.

  1. Deals closed

How to make a cold call that doesn’t sound scripted:

Memorize your script.

Say it over and over again until you memorize it.

You will understand the content enough that you can add your personality to it naturally.

Strategies that generate an X amount of customers:

At Experiment 27, their highest performing lead generation channels are:

  1. Cold email
  2. YouTube channel

Create content that brings value to the table. What Alex personally did was make three videos per week focused on giving value and he emailed them out to people. Then he began getting private messages on LinkedIn that turned into clients.

Alex’s Major Takeaway:

If you haven’t done cold emailing, sit down for 30 minutes, identify a couple of people then write cold emails. Second, try making a YouTube video. Sit down for 5 minutes today and write down 2-3 most common questions that you get asked on sales calls. Record it with your phone and post it on YouTube.

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