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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Sales Training, Cold Calling Today, we basically talk about how you can think on your feet when you’re cold calling. Or should you actually be doing that at all? Okay, so I’ve done this thing with Toastmasters called Table Topics, which is an impromptu 2-3 minute speech where you get to speak about a particular topic.

And here are some things I’ve learned which you can apply when cold calling:

  1. There is no such thing as an impromptu speech.

Preparation is critical. You may not know what you’re going to speak about but you’ve got to have some vignettes in your head that you’re able to mold according to different things based on stories from your childhood, school, work experiences, podcast, family life, etc. As soon as you hear a topic, pick one of them out and then start going from there.

“Cold calling? No more winging it!”

  1. Prepare for your upcoming meeting by using various means to connect.

Use various means to generate new business. Tap into different avenues when getting new prospects – social selling, referrals, etc. With cold calling, do some elements of it but try to gain information through social media or build a quick connection with them on social media so it makes cold calling a little bit warm somehow. Do a quick connection or share something about yourself to build their interest.

  1. When you’re meeting a prospect, come with stories relative to that situation.

Stories can help you make your prospects relate with your product or service on a deeper level. Understand that there are things specific to that situation that most clients are going to have, be it the price, safety/security, technology, or competition. Either way, always prepare before getting into a call. Write down 5 things that prospects typically bring up in the very first meeting so you can come prepared.

  1. Have a basic outline of how the conversation will flow.

You won’t have an exact script but somehow you will have a better context of how the conversation is going to be like.

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