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Sales Motivation, Sales Success, Hustle Marc is the coach of coaches. He works with coaches, helping them build stronger businesses, get more clients, and have more fun doing the business. He is also the genius behind Natural Born Coaches, a podcast dedicated to the coaching business.

Marc not only has an entrepreneurial side but a sales background as well, having worked as a sales representative in the real estate industry.

In this episode, Marc talks about how to keep you motivated in sales and the power of visualization! Marc firmly believes that life is sales and if you can’t sell, then you’re screwed.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Marc:

What makes the best coach: Sales + client support

Top strategies to get you motivated:

  1. Crank some music.

Whether it’s cranking up the music or meditating, do what you need to do to get yourself pumped up for the day.

  1. Fill your mind with as much good stuff as possible before doing your sales goal.

Take time to read. Keep a journal and write down your goals everyday and track your progress. Write down your affirmations. Or write a new “word for the day.”

  1. Visualize

Mentally prepare yourself for the sales call weeks before you actually do it. Do some role playing in your mind. Visualization is very powerful!

Marc’s Major Takeaway:

Be fearless. Sales is not as hard as you think. You’re not selling to a person, you’re helping them. Substitute the world SELL for HELP.

Current projects Marc is working on:

Seize Your Niche program

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Episode resources:

Darren Hardy’s book: Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

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