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Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, Transparency In this episode, I interview Marcus Sheridan, aka “The Sales Lion”. Marcus helps businesses embrace the power of content and inbound marketing through his personal experiences. Him and his team offer content marketing consulting & workshops, HubSpot consulting, speaking opportunities and blogging services. He is passionate about selling and the power that comes to an organization and sales professional when they learn to incorporate inbound marketing and transparency concepts.

Here are the details of our conversation:

  • People want to learn as much as they can about selling.
  • If anyone asks you a question, it is your moral obligation to answer it on your website.
  • Marcus doesn’t believe in the secret sauce. You should provide education to your audience via your website.
  • 70% of the buying decision is done before someone comes to your organization.
  • As a sales representative, your buyers need to see you, hear you or learn from you before they actually speak to you.
  • One example of a way sales professionals can offer information to a client is by creating videos by addressing the 10 asked questions in your industry.
  • “People need to be consuming your junk before you actually meet with them face to face, otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.” 
  • Don’t be the (Kmart) salesperson of your time.
  • In 10-15 years sales and marketing will evolve into “one thing”.

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