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PTRecently I did an interview with Phillip Taylor (PT). He took his passion and turned it into a thriving online business. PT never considered himself as a sales person, but as he grew his hobby into a business, he recognized that sales was an important factor that his organization needed. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in the same situation where they don’t know how to sell, but have to sell. Here are some the major take away from my conversation:

What are some of the major challenges you faced as an entrepreneur?

  • Not having enough time to do all that is needed
  • Sales is tough and they don’t want to bother people
  • Not having a strong enough reach in the community
  • Not wanting to PUSH people to do something

Why do entrepreneur have a tough time selling?

Many entrepreneurs don’t want to bother people or bug them with something that they DON’T need. But if you can develop away to offer people valuable information, they will love you and come back over and over again.

How do you find people for your products or services?

Write small amount of content articles that your audience would be interested in and Google will send people to you. THINK of what your prospects/clients need and provide information related to that.

Ex: If you sell computers, maybe you can provide content such as,  “What is better, Mac or PC and why” etc.

Resources that Phillip Recommended: (Information on personal finance)

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