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Linda Yates In this episode I interview Linda Yates who is an Executive and Business Coach. For years I have heard different options about dressing and the way if affects your performance. Linda has assisted many individuals and organizations with their image and overall success. She is a sought after speaker and professional coach.  I wanted to get her on the show to share her opinion on how dressing impacts your life. I personally work with her, as one of her clients, and the advise she has given me has greatly helped in my speaking success and business accomplishments.

Here are some of Linda’s tips to dressing for success:

  • The way you look will determine the way you feel about yourself.
  • Dress one level above your clients.
  • Make sure your clothes are in good condition and they fit well.
  • A men should wear a square handkerchief in his top suite pocket to top off his appearance.
  • If possible, a women should wear heels to top off her appearance.
  • Wearing a jacket completes a women’s outfit.

Check our Linda “Uncover the Incredible You” event on February 8th, 2014 in Boca Raton, Florida.


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