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New Sales Training, Donald Kelly, Sales Prospecting, Kyle Touchatt As a salesperson, one of the most important things we need to have is confidence. When you’re confident, prospects can detect it and it helps them to better make a purchase decision. However, without this essential ingredient of confidence, you will become dead in the water.

On this episode of Sales From The Street, I had the opportunity of interviewing Kyle Touchatt, a fellow listener of the podcast and sales professional with CLC Lodging . Kyle recently entered the industry and in this episode he shares the initial challenge he came across with starting off new, how he was able to find solutions to help him increase his confidence and the results of better discussions. It was a fun discussion (as always).

If you would like to connect with Kyle to share some ideas on what you did to increase your confidence or if you would like to see if there is an effective way you two can help each other sell more, feel free to reach out to him here on LinkedIn.

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