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Judy Garmaise
During this episode I interview the queen of follow up, Judy Garmaise. She has  developed one of the best programs out there and also is the author of the book “The Power of Follow Up”. This concept may seem like a very simple principle, but it is surprising how many sales professional, business owners and everyday folks like you and me never do it or do it properly. Listen to the episode and learn:

  • What exactly is a powerful follow up
  • Why it is so important that everyone follows up
  • Creative ways of following up

We also discuss powerful principles from her book that I know you will live. Here is a bio of Judy: Judy Garmaise has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. Early in her sales career she noticed that her income would skyrocket once she committed to practicing solid follow up techniques. Later, as the owner of JB Tucker, Inc., a thriving recruiting firm for Software Sales Management in New York City, she used her follow up skills to successfully place high-powered professionals, sales managers, sales reps, and systems engineers and negotiate the best employment deal for her clients. Today she trains business professionals in a variety of industries, including financial, retail, real estate and many more, the skills that made her the follow up expert she is today. She coaches professionals at all levels, from managerial to sales to customer service. By providing quality, insightful education on the skills of follow up, Judy empowers individuals and businesses to be profitable, successful, and marketplace leaders while maintaining integrity and trust.

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