The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist! Do you have prospects that just don’t go anywhere? Or how about prospects that just linger around not making a final decision on closing the deal or not? In this episode I teach you have to get those prospects into a “closed file”. Now, I know that may sound a little odd by putting your prospects in a “closed file”, but trust me it will make your pipeline much cleaner and eliminate any real estate.

Here are some points I touch on during this episode:

  • If you never had a prospect as a client it’s like saying you can’t lose what you never had
  • Work smarter and not harder by taking action
  • How to be straight forward with your prospects to determine if your product or service is a fit for their company
  • How to help your prospects communicate with you to determine where to take the next step

Starting in sales can be tough, but if you take the basics and make them your own you will succeed. So, take this simple tip and make it your own. Share with me below on how this and other tips have helped you!

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