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JV_Crum “I want to be a millionaire so freaking bad”….. Have you dreamt of being a millionaire? Or thought, what does it takes to get to that level? Well, JV Crum is a successful entrepreneur who has a passion to make the world a better place, by changing people’s lives. To do this, JV wrote the book Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business By Making a Difference.  In his book he outlines key principles that anyone can apply to focus on finding success. Now not everyone has a yearning to be a millionaire, but you may have  a desire to live comfortable, chase a dream or accomplish a challenging task. JV’s book is designed in a way that applying these principles can help you on your journey, no matter what it is.

During our interview I ask some key questions based on chapters that I found very interesting and applicable to sales, business and personal life fulfillment. JV and I had a great discussion as he elaborated his ideas for success. As a gift, JV is offering the opportunity for my listeners to get a free downloadable copy of his book. All you have to do is go to this link below that is designed for our listeners. Here is a link below to access the eBook! I also posted it on our Facebook page.


Here are some take aways from JV:

  • Focus on your personal passion that brings you joy and makes you feel alive and on fire
  • Find out what kind of difference you want to make in the world
  • If you are working to just put money in the bank, then you will not be successful. Focus on doing what you love and in return people will pay you for it
  • Habits are actually unconscious patterns that are either moving you towards your goals or away from your goals
  • Laser focusing on what that matters and pour your time and energy into it
  • Take fast actions designed to a particular focus
  • Build relationships and look for opportunities to help others

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