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TSE 564: Sales From The Street-“Education is the Key”

Establishing value is not necessarily the easiest thing but it could come much easier if you found a way to educate your prospect and share value with them. Then as a byproduct, they would choose you over your competitors.

Our guest today is Josh Eck, a member of our Facebook group, The Sales Evangelizers, and he is giving us some great insights into how you can leverage education to establish the value you and your customers want.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Josh:

Currently, Josh works at AJH Creative & Design, Inc., a website, design, and digital marketing agency and the daily challenge he faces is that prospects don’t initially see the value of a website, specifically as a revenue-generating tool and they’re taken aback by the cost of digital marketing. Learn More About Josh—josheckbio

Overcoming the Challenge:

What Josh does to overcome this challenge is he goes to the prospect’s website and points out areas where he sees some room for improvement

Benefits of sharing free advice:

You start to build a relationship with the person.

You’re able to pull out some issues and pain points they weren’t aware of.

They start realizing you actually know what you’re talking about and they would see the value in it.

Education is key!

Reasons for sellers immediately quitting when they face price objection:

  • A lot of sellers are afraid.
  • A mentality that you don’t want to piss them off


It’s not personal. They’re not just brushing you off because they hate you. But it’s because you’re not bringing them anything of value.

Once you’re able to bring value, even if they find they don’t need your services, they’re going to refer you to someone who does.

Josh’s Major Takeaway:

Don’t be afraid to give out free advice. Advice is always free. The more you can talk to your clients, the more you can build a relationship with them. The more people you’re able to build rapport with, the more opportunities to do business with them or someone they know. Give out free advice and people will come to you and keep wanting to talk to you.

Episode Resources:

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TSE 225: Help My Website Sell

Website Sales, Web Leads, Adam Hommey, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly Studies have shown that from the time somebody opts in on your site and becomes a part of your subscriber list for the first time, an average of 9 months will lapse from that point to the moment when they raise their hand and say “I’m on your list and really interested in this.”

Hmmmm… why not focus on really selling your website much quicker than average? Adam Hommey, who is my guest on today’s show, can certainly help us on this one.

Adam is the man behind which works primarily with helping small-mid sized companies launch their products and services, create campaigns, and do promotions. Adam also creates engagement sequences and follow up sequences for select clients who opt in and he helps them walk through re-engagement campaigns.

Adam stresses the importance of not just to grow your list but to nurture it. Listen in for more great ideas from the man!

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Adam:

Strategies to start selling on your website:

  1. Remember that if you have a business and you’ve established anything online, you are a global business.

Even if you’re looking to do business locally, your local customers are looking into the global space to find you.

  1. Have content on your webpages that are optimized around questions or inquiries the way people would type them.
  1. Find out where your customer is hanging out “technologically.”

It could be in various forms like podcasts, YouTube, or email or any social media platform. You also have to think about where they’re hanging out in their head.

  1. Find out their top questions.

These are things you wish that people already knew before they walked in the door or called you up on the phone. Think about the questions you wish they would ask. These are the “should ask” questions.

  1. Have fun with it!
  1. Get your customers emotionally attached to your brand.

Create a user experience that enables you to bond with upcoming customers to helm your message and your brand without complicating things. What can you do to create that bond?

Adam’s Major Takeaway:

Many of the barriers that online business have put between themselves and their prospects are those that they create. Look at the reasons why somebody would be interested in your stuff in the first place, regardless of what it is. People buy based on emotions and then justify the facts.

Also check out Adam’s technique that you can use on your website and this works especially with online training events!
Get in touch with Adam on or visit and check out their entry level program (it’s free for now!) to help you learn tons of stuff including technical videos on how to spend less time editing and maintaining your website and more time educating your audience and monetizing your business.

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