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Dave Negri, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast

TSE 519: Sales From The Street-“Is That the Best Price?”

Dave Negri, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Contractor Secret weapon PodCastHow would you answer when a client asks you for the best price? Would you go lower or stand your ground? How do you leverage your value on a situation like this? I’m bringing in David Negri on the episode today to share with us some strategies to help you answer this question the best way possible.

David owns a paint contracting business and he also hosts his own podcast called Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast where they help contractors learn more about sales and marketing and driving output.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with David:


The biggest challenge David has faced:

Being asked for his best price

Strategies David has done to overcome this question:

  1. “Either/or” option

When asked for his best price, David gave his client two options of either bringing the price down or upgrading the quality of his paint and extending the warranty to two years. The client  went for option B.

  1. Prove your value

The coolest thing was when they finished the job, the client gave them an extra $600. If you can prove to them that the value is there for the money they’re spending, then they’re going to go with it.

  1. Don’t start off your relationship with a lie

You’re selling on the value and not on the price. When you go in knowing that you’re going to bump your price up 10% and give them a 10% discount, you’re basically lying to the customer on the premise that you want business.

David’s Major Takeaway:

Just go out there and be confident in what you have and who you are. Whatever you have, you’re going to provide them value and not sell on price otherwise you become a commodity. Just get away from price.

Episode Resources:

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TSE 032: How Value Base Pricing Increased Kirk’s Revenue By 79%!!!

Kirk_Bowman_HeadshotValue base pricing is a revolutionary idea where sellers are able to price their product or service, based on the buyers perceived value. Kirk Bowman is a very successful entrepreneur who has mastered this principle and adopted it in his organization. Over the space of two years; Kirk saw a 79% increase in revenue. This concept will aid any seller and business owners as they grow their business.

Here are some of the take aways from our discussion:

  • Value is subjective based on the prospects/clients and this is why it is so important to understand their  individual need.
  • The only way to truly gage prospects/clients perceived value is to ask the appropriate questions. Here are some of Kirk’s favorites:
  1. Why are you doing this project now as oppose to 6 months ago or 6 month from now?
  2. What’s going to happen if you don’t do this project?
  3. If money were not an object, what would the success of this project look like? Describe it to me?
  • Create a list of questions you can turn to when speaking with prospects/clients. This should not be a script, but a tool to help you know some of the key questions that should be brought up in the conversation, to better extract the true value from the prospect/client. 
  • Kirk also emphasized the importance of building relationships with prospects/clients. This will help them to feel comfortable enough to share with you their true concerns. This is also very important as you try to help them understand the true value for themselves.

Come and listen to more great tips from Kirk. Simply click play below or check us out on iTunes or Stitcher.


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