TSE 1069: Sales From The Street – “Your Time Management Ideas Are Wrong”

Many sellers elongate the sales process without even realizing it, and Steven Griffith is here to talk about how to take control of your time and to explain that your time management ideas are [...]

TSE 645: TSE Hustler’s League-“What Makes You Different”

Are you just going to be like just everybody else trying to fight based on price? Today’s snippet is from one of our past sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League where I talked about the [...]

TSE 531: What Are You Willing To Do To Be Successful In Sales?

One of the qualities of top salespeople is their willingness to do whatever it takes to close the deal. How about you? What are you really, truly, willing to do? Today’s guest, Fred [...]

TSE 511: From Telemarketer To VP Of Sales And Lessons Learned

Sure, some people believe that people are born to be sales professionals but for many people, such as myself and my guest today, we believe that sales can be taught. Jon Manley is an inspiring [...]

TSE 499: Sales From The Street-“Internal Competition”

What happens when you have new people in your sales team? Do you get threatened that somebody might be better than you? In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you a personal [...]

TSE 496: The Modern Marketplace Phone Sales With Ryan Stewman

The modern marketplace phone sales has changed significantly and so long were the days when traditional tactics still worked. Google has replaced the use of business cards. Therefore, we have to [...]

TSE 491: Qualities of Top Performing Sellers

As a seller, how can you set yourself apart? What do you do to become a top seller? For today’s episode I’m bringing in my great friend and fellow podcaster, Scott Ingram, to share [...]

TSE 484: Sales From The Street: “I Was Afraid of Asking For Big Dollars”

Today, it’s my turn again to share the struggles that I’ve had. I was that sales guy. I’ve done pretty much everything — door-to-door, IT training classes, appointment [...]

TSE 458: Using The Power of Your Mental Abilities to Manifest Your Abundance

Today’s episode is not about selling but it is perhaps one of the most important things you need to have if you truly want to increase your sales or grow your business. It’s all about harnessing [...]

TSE 295: Old School with New Tools

Dan Streeter and Tim Brown, co-authors of Old School with New Tools: The Extra 5% That Takes You to the Top of Your Sales Game and Keeps You There. Dan is a former teacher and principal and a [...]

TSE 293: Building An Unstoppable Mindset

Having an unstoppable mindset is an essential element as a seller. You need to perform well under pressure to stay motivated in times of difficulty. Today, we have a game changer on the show, [...]

TSE 266: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Having time management and productivity issues? Well, our guest today, Kevin Kruse has this to say, “We can’t manage time but we can manage our attention, our energy, and our focus.” Kevin [...]

TSE 262: Sales From The Street-“Work-life Balance”

Work-life balance is a myth! And we have Devon Bandison on the show today to debunk that. Devon’s career started in New York City, developing programs for at-risk youth and first-time fathers. [...]

TSE Blog 007: 10 Qualities A Top Performing Salesperson Must Possess

According to a Sales Benchmark Index report, only 13% of salespeople produce 87% of the sales in a typical organization. So what does this small pie of high achievers have that others don’t? Here [...]

TSE 255: This Is How You Negotiate!

As a salesperson, one of the major responsibilities you have is to CLOSE business! As you’re closing more business, inadvertently you will find yourself in many negotiation meetings. To [...]

TSE 114: Tell More Stories, Close More Business!

I personally love stories just as much as the other person. I mean who doesn’t? Ever since we were kids we were taught by stories, entertained by them and learned how to communicate using [...]

TSE 083: How To Avoid Contract Hell!

“Contract hell”…. This is the one place that no seller wants or needs to be. Believe me, I have been through it and it is not a pleasant place to be. During this episode, I will explain [...]

TSE 076: How Paul Shakuri Earned Six Figures Doing Door to Door Sales!

Have you ever wondered if door to door sales is worth it, much less even profitable? Well, my friend Paul Shakuri can certainly prove that it is. In this episode I had the pleasure of bringing [...]