TSE 1131: The Importance of Data in Sales

Sellers that don’t have good data will struggle to repeat their success so we must recognize the importance of data in sales.   Kyle Morris operates a company called SifData which features an [...]

TSE 1012: You Are Important As Well!!!

If you find yourself hesitant to tell people that you work in sales because you think anyone can do it, today we’re discussing the fact that You are Important as Well!! The year was 2011. I was a [...]

TSE 988: How To Adjust My Sales Process When Selling Gen Z

On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we’re talking to Kathleen Hessert and Krista Jasso about the newest generation and how to adjust your sales process when selling Gen Z. [...]

TSE 971: How To Develop A Sales Process That Works

On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we talk with global sales team leader Michael Wills about how to develop a sales process that works. Many sellers have no real sense of [...]

TSE 966: The Law of Harmonious Attraction

In this episode of The Sales Evangelist, I had the pleasure of speaking once again with Jeffrey Gitomer, The King of Sales, about the Law of Harmonious Attraction. Jeffrey is an author, speaker, [...]

TSE 801: How Clients Buy-A Practical Guide to Business Development

Clients buy services differently than they buy products. Where products are frequently sold by features and attributes, services are sold on reputation, referral and relationships. Today on The [...]

TSE 700: TSE Hustler’s League -“Prospecting System”

Today’s snippet taken from one of our sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League is big on prospecting. How do you create a prospecting system that keeps your sales  pipeline healthy? Who is [...]

TSE 647: Selling Is Service & Service Is Selling

No matter how great your product is but if you are not treating your customers the way they want to be treated, you could be losing more money than you actually realize. I’d like to share with [...]

TSE 621: How to Empower Customers to Make Faster Decisions Through Improv Comedy

Looking for an exciting, highly effective tool you can use for your next sales conversation? Then you surely need to listen to this episode. Marc Levine is the Founder of Improv My Sales, a [...]

TSE 346: The Business of Buying and Selling Businesses

Today, we have a very interesting topic as I talk with Ace Chapman who runs a business of buying and selling businesses. He actually started his own business at a very young age of 19 until he [...]

TSE 124: Sales Management & Developing High Performing Sellers

Do you absolutely, truly, definitely want to slam your way to sales success? Our guest today will show you how. Ken Thoreson is a speaker, author, and consultant with extensive expertise in [...]

TSE 115: Is The Role of The Retail Sales Professional Dead?

Is the glamour of sales dead? Definitely not! And in today’s episode, my guest, Dr. Andrew Burnstine will explain to us why the glamour in sales is still very much alive. Dr. Burnstine is an [...]

TSE 037: Selling As An Entrepreneur with John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs, get ready to ignite! During this episode I was able to interview Mr. John Lee Dumas! The man behind “Entrepreneur on Fire”! John’s podcast is a top ranked, 7-day a week business [...]

TSE 008: Can Anyone Sell?

Can anyone sell? In this episode I address a question I discussed recently with some friends regarding my views on selling. You see, so many people feel that it is difficult to sell. Some say you [...]

Is Knowledge Power? My Second Segment on the “Starve The Doubts” Podcast

I am back with my second segment on the “Starve The Doubts Podcast” with Jared Easley. During this segment, I hit upon the idea of “Knowledge” and “Power”.  On this same episode Ryan Avery, The [...]