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Emily Ann Peterson, The Sales Evangelist, Bravery

TSE 778: Why and How You Need to Develop Bravery as a Seller

Emily Ann Peterson, The Sales Evangelist, BraveryAs a sales professional, one of your biggest hurdles is how to be brave especially in the face of rejection.

During this episode, Emily Ann Peterson shares with us how she tackled her obstacles as a musician and how she used her creativity as an instrument to build her business.

Listen and learn how you can be creatively courageous as a salesperson as well.



  • Bravery starts really small. Oftentimes, you don’t see or acknowledge that that was bravery. Practice or enforce those mindsets and choices and they will become bigger.
  • The bravery that you see in others is the result of years of building on it. You learn how to be brave as early as childhood if you foster an environment for it to be practiced.
  • Your emotional well-being greatly affects your ability to close the sale. You are not your emotions. You can choose the way you’re feeling. Acknowledge which parts of your situation you can control.


  • You have to experience failure. Acknowledge important pieces of information, like why a client said “No.” Learn from those mistakes.
  • If you just met a customer for the first time, start from ground zero. Listen to them. Don’t jam your product down their throat.
  • Respect the boundaries that exist especially if they’re not your own.


  • Mentors encourage you and acknowledge your skills.
  • Hold on to and access these pieces of encouragement every time you face rejection.


  • Songwriters boil down a story to 3 minutes and bring a listener in from ground zero. It’s all about the story and the ability to communicate with the audience.
  • Songwriters choose to leave out names, add extra colors of words or add textures of instruments to empower that story. You have to do the same thing as marketers and communicate to your market in an effective way.


3 main ingredients of bravery

  • Vulnerability – Start from a place of honesty. Acknowledge what’s at stake. Don’t hold those emotions back.
  • Imagination
  • Improvisation

Episode Resources:


@emilyannpete on Instagram

Barenaked Bravery: How to be Creatively Courageous by Emily Ann Peterson

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Donald Kelly, Sales Habits, The Sales Evangelist, Planning

TSE 422: Building Effective Sales Habits

Donald Kelly, Sales Habits, The Sales Evangelist, PlanningEver wondered why your productivity levels are fluctuating periodically? Well, oftentimes, we are all governed by habits. Whether good or bad, productive or not, they could either help you increase sales or decrease sales – your choice.

Personally, I have transformed my habits to help me improve my performance and grow my business. In fact, I deleted my Facebook app on my phone and guess what?

The world did not come to an end!

So today, I’m sharing with you some tips and tricks to help stay focused and become more productive through building effective habits.

Strategies to get yourself organized and increase productivity:

  1. Get rid of distractions.

We all can get distracted easily. Start eliminating the things that were not being productive.

What I’ve done: I deleted the Facebook app on my phone. This way, it got difficult for me to have access to it since I have to go to my browser to access it which is annoying.

  • Look at the apps you use the most.
  • Look at certain triggers that tend to distract you from what you should be doing.
  • Schedule when you want to check social media. (ex. 15 mins)
  1. Turn off phone notifications.

The influx of text messages or emails can become unruly that this could get you easily distracted too. So change your phone settings and turn your notifications off. If there is something important, someone is going to call you. Focus on things that matter the most.

Your immediate Call-to-Action:

  1. List down everything you’ve done (morning till evening) on paper and write down the time it takes for you to do each activity.
  2. Time your activities with a stopwatch to see how long it took you to do those things. This way, you’re able to plot your schedule out and have more control.
  3. Remove distractions (as mentioned above.)
  4. Set up the time periods that you’re going to prospect. Then prospect. The same with other things you need to do during the day.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Eliminate the things in your life that do not really matter and that are not going to help you be effective or productive. Time yourself to become efficient in each thing you’re doing.

Episode Resources:

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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