TSE 763: Stop Selling & Start Leading Movement

Are you just selling or are you leading? During this interview, Deb Calvert shares with us why the movement of becoming leaders in the eyes of our prospects is so critical. Listen and learn why [...]

TSE 568: The Sales Manager’s Guide To Greatness!

You may have been an A-player salesperson or you still are, but that doesn’t necessarily make you an A-player sales manager. Recognizing the difference is one problem. Mastering the skill sets of [...]

TSE 529: Sales From The Street-“Confidence from Coaching”

On today’s episode, my wife, Cristina, is joining me to facilitate this show while I take on the guest role as I speak about the sales struggles I had. We actually had a recent conversation [...]

TSE 396: Emailing Influencers & Getting Responses

Emailing influencers is easy, it’s getting them to respond to you that’s the real challenge. So how do you actually do this? How do you actually get influencers to notice you? How can you make [...]

TSE 387: Are Sales Certification Programs Needed?

Should you get some sales certifications? Do you really need them? Most programs and organizations in other professions have certification groups as they are mostly required. I think it’s [...]

TSE 386: How To Lead A Team Of Veteran Sellers As A Young Sales Leader

Well, it’s actually an interesting dynamic when you have a team of young and veteran sellers. It’s not unusual for doubts to set in and you ask yourself questions like: Is there a better [...]

TSE 337: 7 Key Sales Metrics You Should Track

As a salesperson, you need to understand your numbers and the gauges of what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how you can improve. Today, I’m giving you 7 metrics you can [...]

TSE 334: Sales From The Street-“Account Based Selling”

Today, we discuss the idea behind account-based selling. I’m bringing in Brandon Redlinger who’s giving us insights into the challenge they had with account-based selling, what they [...]

TSE 324: Sales From The Street-“Coaching”

Today, I’m going to talk to you about sales coaching, specifically how sales managers.And here are the common questions I have come across. Should a sales manager sell? Or should he/she be [...]