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Be Human, Erick Hart, Sales Podcast, Donald Kelly

TSE 959: Sales From The Street: “Be Human”

Erik Hart, Sales From The Street

For this episode of The Sales Evangelist, I talked with Erik Hart, a Sales Manager for an Internet company, to discuss how he is able to help his team achieve not only sales results and, perhaps more importantly, person-to-person results by learning to be human.

The Numbers Game

Often times, especially with sales, it becomes such a numbers game that the person-to-person experience is lost. The human connection is lost.

We find ourselves churning through conversations and deals with a laser focus on strategy and metrics and we lose context.

Erik, for example, had a rep on his sales team with a great understanding of how to guide his clients through the various buying stages but it became such an exercise in ‘checking the boxes’ day after day that the rep felt totally defeated, unproductive and he failed to generate revenue.


Erik asked the rep to take a step back and to really think about: What kind of story did he want to be part of? What kind of difference did he want to make?

In doing so, the rep realized not only where he wanted to go but how he could get himself there, without just running on autopilot.

Simply put: Let things be a little messy!

The sales rep had organized himself into a rut by creating a very specific process when interacting with leads and clients.

The response to a potentially lower quality lead, for example,
was three phone calls and one email while a high-value lead would have other very specific tasks tied to it.

Eventually, the tasks became more important than actually having the conversations with the clients. He found himself speaking with clients but thinking about the next task – the next box to check – instead of making a human connection.

He was reading the script instead of being present in the moment; acting like a robot instead of really digging into the needs of the client. He failed to see them as people – and they could hear that in his voice.

The New Bottom Line

Taking a step back and re-evaluating his goals worked.

Overall improvement became evident in just three months; not only in sales but with increased engagement with the customers and improved morale.

The sales reps are proud of what they do again. The sales are great, but the intangibles are sometimes even better.

We all have our imperfections and personal baggage and business operations to deal with and they have the potential to become real struggles.

There is a futility to the task of trying to attach the minutia without really understanding the context.

Instead, think about what you want the conversation to be. What’s your story? Where do you want to be? What kind of world do you want to live in?

Let those answers be your guide. Let that help you reach your goals.

It can become an incredibly powerful experience. The minutia will take care of itself.

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Women in Sales, Barbara Giamanco, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 861: Stepping Up And Standing Out As Women In Sales

When companies make a conscious effort to attract women, it’s good for the business on all levels. Women are often more consistent at exceeding quotas, and they’re strong leaders as well. But there’s another component as well: stepping up and standing out as women in sales.

On today’s episode, we’re talking with Barbara Giamanco, host of the Conversations With Women In Sales podcast. Her lifelong passion to help women in business has led her to try to impact the presence of women in sales by influencing the women and the businesses who hire them.

The case for women

In a global report called Gaining the Talent Advantage, researchers found that 62 percent of companies who have 45 percent or more women in their ranks drove higher-than-average levels of profitable revenue.

Having a more diverse team makes it easier for you to connect with people on multiple levels. There’s a case to be made for the money.

The problem isn’t simply that companies aren’t hiring women. Some women hesitate to lean in to new opportunities.

Barbara said that women often put their heads down and work, expecting that someone will notice their efforts. That may or may not be true.

On her Razor’s Edge podcast, men make up 98 percent of the people who request to appear. They have no problem asking to be noticed, while women aren’t as comfortable.

Women often doubt their expertise and downplay what they have to offer. They also fear that pointing out their own successes will be perceived as bragging.

Sharing your experiences is good for the entire sales community, including the men. What you’re doing could impact others in a tremendous way.

Where to start

Organizations can begin by prioritizing women in management and leadership roles.

Barbara is quick to point out this doesn’t mean giving them jobs.

Organizations should choose women who are good at their jobs. Look for talented women and nurture their careers.

Additionally, women need to acknowledge their desires to progress in their careers. Instead of assuming that people will notice your success and consider you for promotion, let your leaders know where your interests lie.

When positions open, the hiring parties likely already have candidates in mind. Let your leadership know that you’d like to be considered for other positions.

Volunteer for special projects. Familiarize yourself with departments outside of your own. If you recognize a recurring problem, ask if you can put together a team to seek solutions to the problem.

If you’re a leader with female employees who want to advance, include them in special projects and encourage them to volunteer for things.

Employees in every organization have a responsibility to ensure its health and success.

“Standing Out As Women In Sales” resources

Connect with Barbara on Twitter @barbaragiamanco.

Find her on LinkedIn, and connect with her blog at You can also find her on the Women in Sales Hub.

Call her at (404) 647-4925, because she’s still a big fan of the telephone.

You can find her podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and multiple other platforms.

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Lucas Barra, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Entreprenure

TSE 303: Sales From The Street-“Think and Act Like an Entrepreneur”

Lucas Barra, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Entreprenure One defining trait among highly successful salespeople is their ability to think and act like entrepreneurs. I’m bringing in Lucas Barra today as we talk about why you need to think and act like an entrepreneur and how that can be done through some simple steps.

Lucas runs a podcast and coaching service called DreamChasers where they help people turn their dreams into reality. Whether in terms of monetizing their passion or taking their sales career to the next level, he helps people create the best version of their lives.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Lucas:Lucas Barra

Why sellers need to think and act like entrepreneurs:

  • It enables you to relate to what entrepreneurs are going through.
  • You get to talk to them at a level that they understand.
  • Doing something that’s really yours allows you to understand the entrepreneur’s mindset.
  • Read books like The 4-Hour Workweek and get in their world.

How you can act and think like an entrepreneur:

  1. Get to know some entrepreneurs

Make a list of 2-3 entrepreneurs and talk to someone in that space.

Get to know their challenges and understand how they got to where they are.

  1. Start a passion project.

Think about what you really like to do and start doing something that makes it your own.

A look into Lucas’ entrepreneurial journey…

Struggles he faced:

  • Taking his business too fast than he should’ve
  • Not wanting to deal with his problems

Challenges in coaching:

  1. Fulfilling clients’ expectations

Creating the process and bringing them value that they deserve

  1. People saying ‘no’ to him

You don’t enjoy it but it’s something you’ve got to learn to cope with

Some things he learned:

Own up to your problems and challenges in your life

His struggles as a blessing in disguise to help him become better

Lucas’ Major Takeaway:

When you change your mindset and accept responsibility for wherever you’re at with your sales quota or business then you are ready to start hitting out of the park. Making excuses takes you out of the position of power. Take ownership of yourself and your problems because it’s where you have the most power.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Lucas by email:

DreamChasers podcast

Visit their website

Josh Trent from Wellness Force podcast

Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Workweek

Lewis Howes’ podcast School of Greatness

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