TSE 210: Street Smart Selling!

How do you become a super seller? For one, you gotta be Street Smart Selling! For the last 37 years, Ed Lamont has been a commercial property casualty insurance agent, selling insurance to [...]

TSE 027: How To Build Quick Relationships with Prospects and Clients.

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to spark up a conversation with just about anyone, as if they knew them forever? This is a great skill to have when building relationships. My [...]

TSE 016: Never Hit Your Prospects with The Okey-Doke!

So you must be asking yourself, what is the Okey-Doke? Well, in this episode I reveal exact what it its, why you should never do it but if you do, I provide guidance on how you can remedy the [...]

TSE 003: Relationship Selling with Jim Cathcart

During this episode I interview Jim Cathcart who teaches us the power of “Relationship Selling”. It is a concept which Jim has mastered. Listen to the podcast to learn how and why this is [...]