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Ed Lamont, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, TSE Hustler's League

TSE 210: Street Smart Selling!

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly How do you become a super seller? For one, you gotta be Street Smart Selling!

For the last 37 years, Ed Lamont has been a commercial property casualty insurance agent, selling insurance to construction contractors and manufacturers. Almost 20 years ago, he started a separate company focusing on insurance companies, insurance associations, state associations, and insurance agencies outside of his immediate territory.

His motto? Sell value, not price.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Ed:

What is Street Smart Selling?

Ed believes that all training is esoteric until you take it to the street. His book, Street Smart Selling, is broken down into four sections:

  1. Beliefs

What do you believe about your product? What do you believe about the value of a protection plan, safety & survival, and people’s assets?

  1. Marketing Strategies

Cold-calling, cold-walking, networking, use of information technology

  1. Specific Sales Skills

How do you hit on objection? How do you use questions to get somebody to open up? How do you ask for the order?

  1. Management

Strategies for Prospecting:


Tell the purpose of your call. Don’t try to trick someone into a visit. Be direct. Tell them something you believe in and tell them what you’re going to do next. That is a cold call.


Study what your product does and how it works. Know your product’s coverage, service, risk management, and the benefits of your product.


Believe in your product. Believe in what you’re doing. If you can find a problem the customer has and solve it with your product, idea, or good service then they will believe it. Once you know the benefits (meaning truly believing them in your soul) then you can communicate them. Belief is your key to becoming a super producer across an industry.

Strategies for Developing Relationships:

  1. Give them ideas on how to become more profitable.
  2. Patronize your client (if it’s a restaurant, for instance)
  3. Refer their business.
  4. Make matches with your current customers.

Marriages with their own industry with people that can benefit them.

  1. Simply ask them what they want.
  2. Be a sleuth of influence.

The 2 Career Killers in Insurance:

  1. Not asking for the order
  2. People are just lazy


  • People don’t want to hear “no”
  • They fail to build the value proposition in the entire part of the sales process
  • People don’t want to put the time to set the stage for the close and to make the close more natural.
  • Inability to handle the objection well

Strategies for Closing:

  • Set the rules of negotiation all the way through and confirm them all the way through
  • Handle objections by understanding them first before solving them.

Ed’s Major Takeaway:

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”

Current projects Ed is working on:

  • Speaking engagement
  • Expanding his historical speaking
  • Book #3 in queue

Get in touch with Ed Lamont by calling 561-737-7388 or visit Connect with Ed Lamont thru The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly.



TSE 027: How To Build Quick Relationships with Prospects and Clients.

Ellory Headshot 2 white logoHave you ever wondered how some people are able to spark up a conversation with just about anyone, as if they knew them forever? This is a great skill to have when building relationships. My guest today is Ellory Wells and he has crafted this skill into an art form. Ellory is a personal development coach who focuses on leadership and personal branding. He has over 15 years of sales experience, the last 4 years spent building a $15 million business for one of the largest IT companies in the world. Today Ellory shares that knowledge and expertise with readers of his blog and those he coaches.

During this episode I was able to learn a great deal of information from Ellory.

Here are some of the major take aways from our discussion:

  • Everyone is in sales, whether they like it or not! We all have to convince people to do something.
  • People have a tough time connecting with others because it does not always tie to the bottom line
  • A simple way to break the ice is to ask people about the weather
  • Think about people as people and try to genuinely connect with them
  • Every single successful person has had a team of people to support them

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TSE 016: Never Hit Your Prospects with The Okey-Doke!

Donald KellySo you must be asking yourself, what is the Okey-Doke? Well, in this episode I reveal exact what it its, why you should never do it but if you do, I provide guidance on how you can remedy the situation. So here it is, the Okey-Doke is a set up, a surprise or unexpected event that may negatively affect your prospects. It is a term that I learned from one of my best friends, Reggie Taylor. As you listen to the episode you will here how the term originated. However, the term is very applicable to sales.

So many times I have experienced sellers who willingly seek to “hit their prospect with the Okey-Doke”, basically fib or hide things just so that they can get the deal. When the prospect/new client finds out about this surprise, it will cause ill will towards the prospect/client and the sell. It also brings a negative stigma upon the company. The client will not be happy, new business opportunity with this prospect will cease and you will not get ANY referrals. It is all around bad for everyone and at the very first opportunity, the client will leave to another vendor.

Sellers who purposely “hit their prospect/clients with the Okey-Doke” give sales a bad name and are in my book are a con-artist. However, if a seller accidentally “hit someone with the Okey-Doke”, there are easy ways to fix the situation.

I was someone who accidentally had an Okey-Doke situation and here is how I fixed it:

  1. Recognize the error and ADMIT to it aka “Fall on the Sword”, even if it wasn’t you but someone else in your company. The client sees you all as the same anyways.
  2. Apologize for the inconvenience you have cause.
  3. Have an open conversation about the challenges that you caused and discuss a solution.
  4. Make restitution and see that the client situation is fixed.
  5. Learn from the situation and NEVER do it again!

Listen to the podcast episode below and experience my story. I know you will enjoy it.



TSE 003: Relationship Selling with Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart Speaker and Sales ExpertDuring this episode I interview Jim Cathcart who teaches us the power of “Relationship Selling”. It is a concept which Jim has mastered. Listen to the podcast to learn how and why this is so important.

Get to know Jim a little more before you listen to the podcast by reading his bio:

In December of 2012 Jim Cathcart was inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in London, England. This is in addition to his existing Speaker Hall of Fame listing.

For four years in a row Jim Cathcart has been selected as one of the Top 5 Speakers on Sales & Service in an online survey of over 11,000 people. With over 36 years of professional speaking around the world, Jim Cathcart is one of the best known and most award-winning motivational speakers in the business. He has delivered more than 2,800 presentations to audiences in every state of the US, most provinces of Canada and countries from Scotland to Singapore. Some of his most recent international engagements were for thousands of business leaders in Bogota’, Colombia; Costa Rica; Panama;  Warsaw, Poland; Santiago, Chile and Macau, China! A business strategist, pyschological researcher and philosopher at heart, Jim is also a down to earth regular guy. He has worked in warehouses, driven trucks, sold donuts door to door, been a bank teller, plays guitar in night clubs and pubs, and has toured much of the world on a motorcycle.

Today he is listed in the professional Speaker Hall of Fame, is a recipient of the prestigious Golden Gavel Award (along with Earl Nightingale, Art Linkletter, Zig Ziglar and many others), has been the president of the National Speakers Association and received the Cavett Award for a lifetime of service. He has authored 16 books and scores of recorded programs. In 2007 he was listed as one of The Top 100 Minds on Personal Development by Leadership Excellence magazine. The San Diego chapter of the National Speakers Association renamed their member of the year award “The Jim Cathcart Service Award” and the Greater Los Angeles chapter gave Jim the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003. In 2008 he was inducted as one of the “Legends of the Speaking Profession.” And in 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 he was selected as one of the Top 5 Sales & Customer Service Speakers by in an online survey of over 11,000 people. Now he adds the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame to his accolades!

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