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Hurricane Irma, Donald Kelly, Planning

TSE 657: What Hurricane Irma Taught When It Comes to Sales

Hurricane Irma, Donald Kelly, PlanningIt’s hurricane season at this time of year and we are definitely not out of the woods yet. It’s something that happens from June to November. And currently we are at the height of the hurricane season.

Hurricane Harvey has recently hit Texas and following that, Hurricane Irma came to hit the whole of Florida. It actually affected almost anyone living in the state and it has also affected Georgia and Alabama.

And so, I want to share with you some things that I’ve experienced during the storm that we can all relate to how we do sales.

Things I Learned From Hurricane Irma:

You have to be prepared.

Different parts of the country encourages every household to have a 72-hour kit, where you have enough supplies that can take care of you for 72 hours (ex. flashlight, dry food, water, etc. 72 hours is the average time that it takes for emergency rescue units to get to you after the storm.

What if you didn’t have anything with you in these three days? It’s therefore important to have something that can keep you going post-storm. But a lot of people ignore this and the result is a mad dash to the store last-minute amidst scarce supply. So the supply chain isn’t there. For instance, water is such a huge demand that when you look down the aisles of the store, there were not water products at all. People were just getting everything.

Application to sales:

  • You have to prepare and practice. Do role plays.
  • Work on your questions.
  • What are the common objections people are going to ask you?
  • What are some of the difficulties you’ve encountered when working with other opportunities before?
  • Where have you lost deals?
  • Practice your pitch and body posture.
  • Practice the fundamental basics. Just like the 72-hour kits, they’re just those basic stuff you might normally ignore. You have them but you don’t have them together.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Take some time every single day to prepare. Perhaps spare 15 minutes in your late afternoon or anytime that it’s not peak hours in your business. And practice, practice, practice.

Go do role playing with your colleagues and find out the challenges they’re facing and vice versa. Then go over everything and bounce insights off each other.

The better you practice, the better you’re going to be when the time of need comes. And when it’s time to perform, we’re way better to perform in that situation.

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Prospecting, Sales Tip, Role Play, Donald Kelly

TSE 622: Number One Sales Tip To Performing Your Best On Every Sales Call

Prospecting, Sales Tip, Role Play, Donald KellyAs a salesperson or an entrepreneur, you have to be consistent if you want to see significant results.

Today, I’m sharing with you some insights into how you can become more consistent in your efforts to finally achieve your goals, make sure each call counts, and get the close that you want.


Practice is key.

Write out your sales message.

Make sure you message is consistent. To make it ingrained in you, do role plays. Say, your message is towards an executive or the end user, your product may benefit all of them, but the way each of them utilizes your product or the reason each of them is going to purchase your product is going to be totally different.

Tweak your messages accordingly.

While the end user may use the product, the decision-maker may only see the benefit behind it without necessarily touching the product. The same holds true for the influencer who may not necessarily use your product. Therefore, write your message out and tailor them according to your specific prospect and practice it.

Record yourself.

Take 20 minutes a day to practice it by yourself or practice it with a co-worker. Use your phone or download an app for free so you can record yourself. Or leave yourself a voicemail to check how you sound. Practicing that part alone is something that can help you tremendously. Or leave a voicemail to a friend or coworker or boss and see what they think about how you sound on the phone. Then figure out what element you can add to that.

Figure out the unconsidered need.

This is something that a buyer doesn’t necessarily know is a problem but you’ve recognized it as a problem. Perhaps you’ve worked with other companies and you’ve seen the same trends, issues, and difficulties then you can bring in that information and share it. Probably share a statistics to make your message more compelling.


In your role play, find out how you can add value to them. Find out how you can progress the sale from the presentation and transition it into fully converting them on board. Practice not just in the field but at home and with your co-worker. Again, spend 20 minutes a day. Wherever you have the biggest challenge in your sales practice, keep practicing it. The more you do it, the easier it gets for you.

Maximize your time.

Try to free yourself from distractions and utilize your time in  a way that’s going to be more effective towards your performance.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

The best way to see predictability is by being consistent. Master your messaging. Master some of the objections and challenges. Master your question-asking. Master the way you convert. Master how you utilize your time. The more you can practice, the more you can become perfect in your role plays, the better you can perform in the field.

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The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Confidence, Salesperson

TSE 173: Confidence

The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Confidence, Salesperson Are you still having confidence issues?

Fret not. Let’s tackle this confidence issue one more time…

One of the main reasons why people leave companies is that lack of confidence.

Confidence is the belief you have about yourself which is tied to the way you think, perceive, believe or feel for something. However, sometimes, people leave companies and it all boils down to one thing –  Do you have confidence in any of these areas?

  • In your company
  • In your ability
  • In your product
  1. Have confidence in yourself.

Be confident in your ability to deliver value and to go out there, sell, and let them hear you roar! Your are important. You are key. You can deliver value.

  1. Have confidence in your managers or the company.

If you lose confidence in your company or your managers.

  1. Have confidence in your product.

If you don’t believe in your product, you can’t sell it.

Try out this confidence test:

Do you have confidence in your ability to sell?

Do you have confidence in the product?

  • What kind of value do you see this product bring to customers?
  • Have you seen it bring value to customers before? Who was it? How did it bring value to them?

Do you have confidence and belief in your leadership?

  • Do you have confidence in the company moving forward?

If you see any weakness in any of these areas…

Get yourself a tune up and sharpen your sword or your tool and look for other opportunities that allow you to build up that confidence.

If you have confidence in what you’re saying…

They feel it and know it.

People can’t take away someone’s personal testimony of something!

So help them feel that.


  • Ask them proper questions to help them see that they need to investigate this as well.
  • Make it happen. You need to make them believe that your product can help them.
  • Make them believe not just in the company or the product, but also in you as a seller.

Things you can do to build your own confidence:

  1. Test out your product.

Live your product and apply it. Go read your company’s mission statement. Ask your superiors what their vision is.

  1. Tell yourself in the mirror everyday that you have something of value.

You have something of worth and you need to share it. You have something the world needs to learn about and you need to share it.

  1. Prepare.

The more you’re prepared, the more confident you’re going to be.

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Sales From The Street “Sales Slump”, Eric Smith, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast

TSE 144: Sales From The Street “Sales Slump”

Sales From The Street “Sales Slump”, Eric Smith, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast This weeks “Sales from the Street” segment features a great friend of mine, Eric Smith, who is a sales professional with a money management firm. With these segments, we interview a seller who had a particular sales struggle, discovered a solution, and saw results. During our discussion Eric shares how he fell into a “sales slump” that tremendously affected his ability to perform as a seller, his personal life and his overall confidence.

But like any other challenge in life, there is always a solution or means to fix it. Eric recognized that this was something he needed to overcome and took matters into his own hands. He rediscovered his purpose, sharpened his sword by practicing his message, and got back in the game. He saw tremendous success and had a major attitude shift. As a sales professional, we all face challenges like these once in a while, however, it’s important for us to recognize it and make the changes ASAP. If you would like to stay connected with Eric, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Eric Smith, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Sales Podcast

If you are going through a slump or need some motivation and advice with sales related challenges, connect with our community at “The Sales Evangelizers” on Facebook. Come take a peek for yourself.

The Sales Evangelizers, Donald Kelly, Sales Facebook Group

If you have a personal sales struggle you were able to overcome and would like to be a guest, reach out to here at