TSE 1132: My New Planning Tool

Sellers must work to effectively plan their activities in order to accomplish the important tasks in their days, and since I’ve struggled with the same challenges, I’ve developed a new planning [...]

TSE 1008: Plan, Prepare and Refuse To Give Up

  Today we’re talking about how to Plan, Prepare and Refuse to Give Up with podcast host, branding expert, and author Henry Kaminski, Jr. Henry is the founder of Unique Designz, a [...]

TSE 997: Where There is No Vision The Salesperson Perishes

Where there is no vision the people perish, and that’s especially true in sales. Because we aren’t constructing physical structures like houses or sidewalks, the game of sales is [...]

TSE 814: Sales From The Street-“Stress Can Affect Sales”

Sales professionals engage in a constant hustle and grind to achieve their numbers and meet their goals. What they may not understand is that the prolonged stress can affect sales. On [...]

TSE BLOG 021: 5 Ways to Prevent Stress From Burning You Out in 2018

Work-related stress is at an all-time high and progressing steadily. It has been estimated that 75-90% of patient visits to primary care practitioners are due to stress-related illness.* Stress [...]

TSE 771: Jeffrey Gitomer – Setting Goals & Developing a Sales Mindset

During this episode, I was able to bring back on our VERY first guest, Mr. Jeffrey Giomer. He shared with us thought about effective planning, goal setting, and motivation. Listen to it and see [...]

TSE 739: Sales From The Street-“Step-by-Step”

On today’s Sales from the Street episode, I share our experience going to Jamaica, particularly, what it’s like literally selling on the street of Jamaica and how you can apply some [...]

TSE 737: The Number One Reason Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail

It not unusual for people to make their New Year’s resolution. They jumpstart the year right and then towards the middle through the end of the year, the enthusiasm they had at the start of [...]

TSE 613: Five Mistakes Entrepreneurs Have Made Since the Beginning of Time

Today’s guest is Joe Carlen, Co-Founder of Value Guards, LLC and practitioner of business valuations, patent valuations, and marketing assessments. He is consulting for hundreds of entrepreneurs [...]

TSE 610: TSE Hustler’s League-“Pre-Call Planning”

Oftentimes, many sellers overlook the importance of pre-call planning and you can’t just wing this part of the process. Today, we’re pulling another snippet from one of our sessions [...]

TSE 591: Getting Your Motivational Level Up

 We’re basically in the middle of the year, how’re your sales going? Are you slowly finding yourself in a rut? Especially, if you’re not where you want to be at this point, this [...]

TSE 562: Focus on Your Essential Product or Service

I recently read this book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown and the idea is about disciplined “pursuit of less”. This is built around the context that when you do less, you gain more. Sure, you [...]

TSE 472: How to Prepare for 2017

Now we’re prepping for 2017 and doing our final touches to bring out the new year, bring in the hustle, and start implementing the things we need to do to bring the whole sales team to a [...]

TSE 437: Start Small & Focus If You Want To DO BIG THINGS!

This past weekend, we did the Do Big Things Conference which was a tremendous success. And I know we all want to do big things in life, be it in your personal life, career, or in terms of [...]

TSE 345: TSE Hustler’s League-“This Calendar Thing Worked”

Are you really selling as a sales rep? How much of your time do you really spend on actual selling? A study done showed that sales professionals spend an average of only about 39% of their time [...]

TSE 344: Sales From The Street-“Ask Questions”

Today, we’re going to talk about the power of qualifying, which means asking questions and asking the right questions so you become more efficient and you save much wasted time out of failing to [...]

TSE 329: Sales From The Street-“Theme Your Days”

There are days when we feel we really haven’t done anything for the day, didn’t get any prospect in, running around doing stuff, and working on paperwork, and on and on and on. Can [...]

TSE 303: Sales From The Street-“Think and Act Like an Entrepreneur”

One defining trait among highly successful salespeople is their ability to think and act like entrepreneurs. I’m bringing in Lucas Barra today as we talk about why you need to think and act like [...]

TSE 266: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Having time management and productivity issues? Well, our guest today, Kevin Kruse has this to say, “We can’t manage time but we can manage our attention, our energy, and our focus.” Kevin [...]

TSE 262: Sales From The Street-“Work-life Balance”

Work-life balance is a myth! And we have Devon Bandison on the show today to debunk that. Devon’s career started in New York City, developing programs for at-risk youth and first-time fathers. [...]

TSE 246: How To Balance New Business v.s. Current Customers

Can you actually balance handling current customers and new accounts? Of course you can! Challenging? Yes, but if you’re able to get your focus on the things that need to be done to do both, then [...]

TSE 243: Sales From The Street-“I Just Need A Break”

Gracing today’s episode on Sales from the Street is Ben Clumeck. He is part of our Facebook group, The Sales Evangelizers, where he shares tons of value, thoughts, and insights which he [...]

TSE 241: Setting Goals And Making Plans For 2016

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins Too many people set great goals, but then nothing happens in the end. So as [...]

TSE 170: The Crippling Effect of Having Too Much To Do!

Do you often feel overwhelmed with everything that you have to do that you end up not wanting to do anything, or worse, things don’t get done at all? Well, you’re not alone. As a salesperson, you [...]

TSE 109: Become An Ultra Performing Seller By Procrastinating on Purpose

Folks… get ready to be BLOWN AWAY! I’ve got to warn you ahead that this episode has got loads (and I mean LOADS) of information that you can take away from and apply, not only to your own [...]