TSE 1153: Creating An Authentic Personal Brand

  Creating an authentic personal brand is important because everything that we develop in business is based on creating a personal brand. As sales reps, polishing your personal brand must be [...]

TSE 1101: Forging An Ironclad Brand

          Your brand tells your story when you’re not in the room, and today Lindsay Pedersen shares tips for forging an ironclad brand with sales reps, entrepreneurs, and other [...]

TSE 388: Every Seller Needs To Know Their Brand Identity

As a seller or an entrepreneur, having your own brand identity is paramount to your success. Today’s guest, Gregory Diehl, is the author of the book Brand Identity Breakthrough which is a great [...]

TSE 202: Sales From The Street-“How To Develop Your Own Personal Brand”

How To Develop Your Own Personal Brand Honestly ask yourself – Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you in sales? Regardless of why you’re doing it, you gotta know WHY you’re doing [...]