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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Kati Whitledge, Sales Podcast

TSE 374: Sales From The Street-“Help Them Open Up To You With Their PAIN”

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Kati Whitledge, Sales Podcast

Today’s episode on Sales from the Street features Kati Whitledge. This is Kati’s second time on the podcast and once again, she’s dropping a bomb of tremendous information where she’s giving us key insights and things we can apply to our business to help us become more successful.

Being an entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, and author, Kati is a real hustler, captaining her own ship so to speak. Listen in as she talks about a major challenge she faced in her business and how she handled this to maneuver her ship in the right direction.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kati:

Kati’s major challenge:

Selling the features and benefits (and thinking that alone is enough!)

What Kati did to fix this problem:

  1. Identify the customer’s pain point first.

Then you know exactly what to sell to. Dive deeper into those pain points to discover why it’s happening. You can’t provide a solution to a problem until you know what the problem is.

  1. Quantify the pain.

Find out what the pain does to the client everyday? What kind of time are they investing in it? How is it affecting their bottom line and culture of their organization? Quantifying pain is not on financials but also involves time and energy. Unless you’re able to quantify their pain, you won’t be able identify the value.

  1. Practice, practice, practice.

Find someone else who’s in sales in a non-competing environment who’s willing to get together with you for coffee and practice talking to each other about these things including some verbiage, getting to those pain points, and how you respond and quantify the pain points.

Results Kati had from correcting her course:

More in control of things for having a process


Psychological wellness

Building real, lasting relationships with clients

About Kati’s Meet Your Stylist:

  • An online marketing tool for hair salon owners
  • A client fills out a unique survey where they will be matched with the top three stylists at your salon that will be the best fit for them.
  • A way to make sure your client retention improves (Quick fact: Only 3 out of 10 new clients that walk through the salon’s door is going back for a second time)

Episode Resources:

Visit Kati’s website or connect with Kati Whitledge on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Sales From The Street, Best Sales Podcast

TSE 284: Sales From The Street- “Be Flexible and Nimble”

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Sales From The Street, Best Sales Podcast

One of the key traits of a successful salesperson is being flexible, which means you’re able to pivot as needed to suit your customer’s needs… not yours.

This means being able to read your prospects and be willing to change under whatever circumstance. Flexible individuals are the ones who excel most at selling.

Here’s a concrete example:

I sat down with one of these organizations that recruit students. So I figured I’d reach out to them and connect with them until I realized during the process that they weren’t necessarily interested in getting sales training for their admissions staff. Instead, they’re more concerned about keeping the one they already have.

A lot of schools out there have a populace of first generation college students, and they tend to have more challenges when getting started.

So first off, the pain point of this particular organization was not getting more people.. but keeping the ones they already have.

Now being a 1st generation college student myself, I had a first-hand experience of seeing how it’s possible to be in this place where I’m at now with The Sales Evangelist brand. So these students can definitely do it as well.

As a result, I came in to help them with retention, give motivational speeches and eventually worked something out to help all of their campuses in helping students stay in school and overcome their many challenges.

Got the gist of the story here?

You have to be nimble. You have to be quick. Nimble and quick enough to identify and understand your customer’s true pain point. Understand your client’s pain first. Listen to them. Then articulate your message appropriately towards their need.

As a result, a second opportunity opened up to me because I was flexible enough to go according to what the customer needed.

Again, listen to your prospect.

Listen to what is going on. Ask to know more and get deeper to uncover the true pain. It’s like Toyota’s “5 Why’s” where you get down to the fifth “why” in order to find the true issue. Listen to be able to get to the core challenge they have.

Episode Resources:

Listen to TSE 282 where I talked about the Dream 100, having 100 ideal customers you can focus on as well as campaigns and strategies.

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TSE 194: How Much Research Should I Do Before A Call?

Sales Call, Research, The Sales Evangelist, Donald C Kelly, Sales PodcastsRecently, in a post in “The Sales Evangelizers”, I proposed a question on researching before a call. I wanted to see what other sellers were doing. The results were interesting. Check out the post here. Overall, the majority of people feel you should do some research. For the most part, people are researching more than 5 minutes through LinkedIn, the prospect’s website, social media and good old-fashioned Google.
My feeling on the matter is a resounding yes!!! I recently did an episode with my wife Cristina and she shared how someone called in unprepared and how unprofessional they sound. Many sellers think they can “tap dance” (speak off the cuff) pretty well, but in actually they are horrible. It makes you come off as an amateur and the prospect does not have any confidence in you.
Here are some of my best practices when it comes to research and thoughts on why you should do it.
1. Come up with 2-4 qualifies that you can use to see if someone will be an effective prospect.
  • Net revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Recent expansion, etc.

Essentially, a list of qualifies and attributes (pains/challenges) that may resemble that of your current ideal customers.

2. Take that and create a list of “100 Dream Prospects”. You can do in depth research for more information on them outside of prime prospecting time. When it’s time to call, you will have your info and know what to say.
3. Recognize that the prospects are doing research on you when they are prospecting. A significant portion of their decision is made before the call when they are looking. You can and should do the same as well.
4. Research before the call also differentiates you. You’re able to stand out from the competition easily because they’re not doing much before hand.
5. Don’t overdo it. Many times sellers will talk themselves out of a potential opportunity with the information they find. In actuality, they should be looking for ways to qualify themselves not disqualify themselves.
The principle I live by with research is, the more I know about the prospect, the better I can articulate a value proposition custom to them.
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TSE 024: The 3 Most Crucial Elements Of A Sale!

Donald Kelly “The Sales Evangelist”So the first quarter came and went and some individuals are worried that they did not hit their goals or quota. Now, the reasons may vary and may not all be related to one particular thing. However, often times I find that a sales person becomes very worried because management may now be down your back. If you are the business owner, you may be able to purchase or grow the way you were hoping next quarter. It becomes very frustrated and you may be worried that everything is all off and messed up. Rest assure that this is not the case. I will give you three VERY crucial elements that will help you accomplish more of your goals. There are:

  1. Focus on the ideal client and make sure that they have a PAIN or a CHALLENGE you can solve
  2. They must have a BUDGET and a time frame when they want to make the purchase
  3. They must be the DECISION MAKER!

As you listen to the episode, you will see why I feel that all of these elements are very crucial to your progress  and making those prospects clients.


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