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TSE 459: Sales From The Street: “Local Online Advertising Part 2”

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, DJ ShriToday’s episode is Part II of the interview with DJ Shri where we talk about how you can master local advertising.

If you haven’t yet, do check out TSE Episode 454, which is Part I of this awesome conversation I had with DJ Shri where he laid out the framework of local online advertising.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with DJ Shri:

What is Social Proofing?

Who is somebody outside your business that has no personal investment in this that will vouch for you? An example of this is getting 5-star review on Yelp.

What is an Irresistible Offer?

Talk about something that removes that risk. So there is zero risk for the person. Tackle that objection first of removing the risk upfront then show them what you can provide.

How to be top-of-mind to your customers:

  1. Create your avatar.

Google on customer avatar worksheet where you will answer a list of questions to help you identify your customer avatar. The more detailed you can be, the better it is for you to sink into who your ideal customer is. Your avatar may change once you start your business and that’s fine.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a good way to target your customers. It allows you to find out the interests of your customer avatar. Isolate you demographics. Isolate where your prospects are. Be careful as Facebook would try to make it super easy for you to buy their paid advertising because it’s not as easy. Take a step back and really figure out what is Facebook trying to do as they’re targeting really specific people. Don’t be afraid to target locally or at a state-level.

Here’s a trick: Find out a local business selling similar price point things even if they’re not your niche. Find out the local stores in your area that have FB pages. And understand that if these customers can afford say, a $5-$10 cupcake, then maybe they could afford a $5-$10 risk of whatever you’re selling.

DJ Shri’s Major Takeaway:

Go for something you’re passionate about. Sell with your personality. When you’re passionate about something and you really believe in it, that’s an authenticity you cannot fake. And that reflects to your sales pitch.

Episode Resources:

Connect with DJ Shri through email at shri@mobiledjtips.com and check out his podcast Mobile DJ Tips on iTunes.

TSE Episode 454 – Part I interview with DJ Shri

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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TSE 439: Sales From The Street-“Direct Response Marketing Part I”

TSE 439: Sales From The Street-"Direct Response Marketing Part 1"As salespeople, we need to know who to go after, what to say to them, and be able to measure it to be effective. Today’s guest, Kim Walsh-Phillips, CEO of Elite Digital Group, is going to teach us the true art of direct response marketing.

You need to get people who are qualified in your funnel, people who want to learn about what you offer, and people who are ready to make buying decisions. Is there a way to do this more effectively? Of course!

In this episode, Kim also talks about the power of having a niche. Listen to her story about how that one, single blog post got her to produce half a million dollars worth of business. Wow!

** This is Part I of Kim’s interview. I just had to break this into two parts since Kim has given us a massive ton of great, valuable insights which I’m sure you will love. So also stay tuned for Part II coming next week.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kim:

Kim’s coolest sales experience when she was the customer at a Nissan car dealership

What is Direct Response Marketing?

For every marketing message you put out, you are driving a direct response. Whether it’s an opt-in to a landing page, product purchase, or webinar registration, everything is measured and should drive a direct result out of it.

The benefits of Direct Response Marketing?

  • Identifying qualified prospects
  • Getting them warmed up
  • Seeing you as an absolute expert and authority

As a result…

Once they raise their hands to have a conversation with you, they are ready to buy.

Things you need to know about direct response marketing:

  1. It’s about them, not about you.

Make the whole conversation about the prospects and not about you.

  1. Identify the pain points of your target market.

What pain do they have that you can heal? Do they have a need that you can fulfill? What do they want? Oftentimes, we have to go after the want, not the need, in order to drive that initial sales conversation.

  1. Identify the KEY pain point you can solve.

Focus all your marketing around that key pain point. That way, people who have that particular pain point are drawn to you magnetically. You don’t want to be all things to all people and appear as though you can work for everybody.

  1. Only put the messaging out to individuals who could use your product or service.

You want to get on the phone with people who have already been qualified so marketing already has to have them qualified.

Overcoming the Scarcity Mindset

We all have that scarcity mentality where we’re afraid that if we niche down to a certain market and make our messaging specific, we would miss out on that potential sale. But the saying is true, “There are riches in niches.”

  • Become an expert in that niche.
  • Relate to them specifically.
  • You will then know which kind of marketing to focus on.

And as soon as you get specific, you can charge more, go deeper, and marketing can be so much more effective.

An insane example:

Kim fell into this niche of serving financial planners accidentally as she was a content contributor in one of their bloggers for DigitalMarketer. She then wrote about one of their clients who’s a financial adviser where she talked about one of the campaigns they ran for him. That one blog post is now responsible for $500,000 worth of business for her firm. And it now has become one of their top blogs of all time on the entire DigitalMarketer site.

Why? Because that blog was specific and focused on a specific market.

2 Ways to find your niche:

  1. Profit: Focus on your customers who are the most profitable.
  2. Passion: Make sure it’s something you’re passionate about

Try out this exercise:

Imagine yourself at a conference filled with nothing but that niche.

How does that make you feel? Do you want to be there? Do you feel like you can talk to all those people as an expert? Is that where you want to develop your business?

If that’s exciting to you and it makes sense, then that’s your niche. It has to be an area that you’re passionate about.

Episode Resources:

Get connected with Kim on www.EliteDigitalGroup.com/professionals or read through her regular content on www.elitedigitalgroup.com/blog.

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse

No BS Guide to Direct Response by Dan Kennedy  

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