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TSE 239: Sales From The Street- “Hard Work & Determination”

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Paul Wilson

The last episode for 2015! Our guest on today’s Sales From the Street is Paul Wilson who shares with us great thoughts and insights about the challenges of entering into a new industry.

With over 10 years of sales experience, Paul has sold everything from vacuums and cars to mortgages and online education. Currently, he works for a diesel performance company. It was a fish-out-of-water experience for Paul not realizing what he was actually selling. Let’s dig deeper into the show to find out how Paul overcame his challenges and ultimately achieved success.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Paul:

Paul’s major challenges:

  • Culture change
  • Product change

Proven strategies Paul applied to accomplish success (try them to see great results!):

  1. Know your product.

Watch the company videos. Read industry magazines to know more about the industry. You can’t fake your way through it with a smile. You have to learn the product.

  1. Be a professional salesman.

Use your previous sales training. What would you want? What would the customer want? Telling isn’t selling. Ask questions. 

  1. Match product knowledge with work ethic.

Put these two together and you will hit a home run. Organize your days based on what you know about the industry. 

Paul’s Major Takeaway:

Product knowledge is important but being a professional salesman is the most important. You can’t fake it until you make it. Make sure you keep learning.

Get in touch with Paul on Facebook and check out the Diesel Performance Podcast.

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