TSE 1190 How to Nurture “No” Into “Yes”

  A good salesperson knows how to nurture “No” into “Yes”. Hearing No in the sales world is common regardless of what you sell or to whom you’re selling to. When you hear a no, you can’t [...]

TSE 1173: Three Great Closing Questions

  There are three great closing questions that salespeople often ask because everyone in the sales arena wants to make sure that we’re closing effectively. The answers to the three great closing [...]

TSE 1145: Flip the Script

Many sellers rely on old ideology to engage their customers without realizing that if they flip the script, they can set the rules for the sale instead of conforming to the buyer’s rules. Oren [...]

TSE 811: How Do I Handle Objections?

Your success as a sales professional depends largely on your ability to handle objections. Give up too quickly and you’ll miss an opportunity to dispel your client’s concerns. If you [...]

TSE 799: Sales From The Street-“Full Commission”

For Phillip Washington, Jr., the transition to a full commission sales position was a no-brainer. It was stressful because he had a family to support. He learned from his years in sales that he [...]

TSE 736: How to Handle the Most Major Challenges You Will Face When Selling

If you’re creating or running a business, big or small, you should have that mindset that you’re going to be able to sell it when the opportune time comes. What? Yep! You’re [...]

TSE 521: 21 Common Problems Most Salespeople Encounter

Being in sales, you have to play multiple roles. It’s more like a “one man theater act” where you have to play the parts of the actor, the producer, the scriptwriter, the director, and everything [...]

TSE 116: Getting Out of Tough Sales Situations

Many salespeople run away when they feel they’re being attacked by a question or an objection. That’s not how it’s supposed to be done in sales. Warning: This is not for the faint of heart! In [...]

TSE 112: “I Already Have A Vendor, I’m Not Interested.”

Pretty much you’ve come across this line at one point in your sales career one way or another. “I already have a vendor, I’m not interested.” What do you do when your prospect tells you [...]

TSE #077: How To Handle Pricing Questions Early In The Sales Process

During this episode I answer questions that are often brought up by sellers in regards how to handle the situation when your customer is trying to bring up pricing too soon. I feel that one of [...]

TSE 044: “Can You Send Me Some Literature?”

We have all heard this before “can you send me more literature”? Well, in this episode I share some tips on things you can do when approached with this question. In my experience as a young sales [...]