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TSE 553: How I Became The #1 Sales Producer At A Billion Dollar Company In 6 Months!

Joe Gianni, Donald Kelly, Swagger: The "Way of the Sway" to Sales and Life Success,Imagine becoming the number one sales producer at a billion dollar company in just 6 months. How do you even do that? Well, lucky you because today we have Joe Gianni on the show and he’s going to tell us exactly how he did it.

Whether you’re new to sales or in a sales leadership role or even when you’re not in sales yet, you can still take principles from his experience and apply them into your life to see remarkable success.

25 years ago, Joe started his sales training and leadership training company. He had a unique way of building sales forces and individuals, took it to market, and it was picked up by major players across industries. Joe is also the author of the book, Swagger: The “Way of the Sway” to Sales and Life Success, which has recently just been released but is now gaining positive reviews and recognition.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Joe:

A lesson from Joe’s coolest sales experience as the customer:

We, as sellers, are dream-makers. We help other people make their dreams become a reality which is a unique calling.

The impetus behind writing his sales book:

  • Sales is what he has the most passion about and it’s what his multi-million dollar company is built around.
  • Right out of college, he wasn’t interested in finding a job but he had a mission to find a mentor knowing he was going to start his own business someday so he really needed to learn how to sell.
  • Joe’s mentor has a unique insight that revolves around transcending the traditional development of a salesperson which is heavily steepened skill and sales process training in order to develop the belief system of an individual that enters the world of sales and how to leverage that into a way that enables them to quickly master fundamental skills and become a master executor of those skills. Writing his book was, therefore, his way to get this out there on a global level.

Why so many sellers never become top producers:

  • They are not properly developed. They themselves don’t even know what’s missing. .Most of them look for shortcuts.
  • There is a formula that is missing in the sales discipline which is to help people understand that the biggest producers in every industry are not being adequate or ample at fundamental skill sets but one’s mind has to be ready to take that journey.
  • You have to take a journey from within your own thinking. Get out of your own way so you could do the things you need to do when it comes to mastering the skills, that you would not do them without the right mindset or core belief structure.
  • Sales is a good 80%+ mindset, proper belief and convictions and about 20%-25% on the skills and process side.
  • Most people never become masters of the fundamental skills because they’ve never become a master of their own thinking first.
  • Understand that both mindset and skills are critical to achieving success in anything. You have to dream and think about the bigger business.

Joe’s Secret: Fundamental Training Mixed with Belief Training

If you want to kick your sales force’s productivity to the next level, you’ve got to kick their belief system to the next level first. They have to have a bigger conviction of who they are and who they want to be in life first then you can teach them fundamental skills. (That’s why they haven’t mastered those fundamental skills yet!) They have to understand the need to become the best at whatever those fundamentals are for their sales profession.

The formula is to develop the right mind structure first and then leverage that mind structure to become a master of the sales process.

Joe’s strategies to become the #1 top performer in a billion-dollar company in six months:

  1. Seek out the top producers in the company.
  2. When you found the best, shut up and listen to them very intently about what they did and how they did it.
  3. Ask them good questions about how they qualified or how they presented or close or handle rejections, etc. Take mental and copious handwritten notes.
  4. Ask them what they believe about themselves, the industry, and their clients and prospects.
  5. Look for that belief set and then duplicate that so you mirror these people in skill and strategy as well as in belief and conviction. When you can do that then you can duplicate that success at an extraordinary pace.

Joe’s Major Takeaway:

Walk with swagger and the path to swagger is a discovery path you can take anytime you’re ready to discover your own thinking and what you’ve come to believe about yourself, your self-efficacy, and career sales and really truly refine that and develop powerful thoughts, powerful beliefs and convictions and then go back to the fundamentals of your trade as if you just started today. Master those fundamentals with the right mindset.

Episode Resources:

Get connected with Joe Gianni on LinkedIn or visit his website at www.2logical.com.

Check out Joe’s book,Swagger: The “Way of the Sway” to Sales and Life Success

The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi

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TSE 239: Sales From The Street- “Hard Work & Determination”

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Paul Wilson

The last episode for 2015! Our guest on today’s Sales From the Street is Paul Wilson who shares with us great thoughts and insights about the challenges of entering into a new industry.

With over 10 years of sales experience, Paul has sold everything from vacuums and cars to mortgages and online education. Currently, he works for a diesel performance company. It was a fish-out-of-water experience for Paul not realizing what he was actually selling. Let’s dig deeper into the show to find out how Paul overcame his challenges and ultimately achieved success.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Paul:

Paul’s major challenges:

  • Culture change
  • Product change

Proven strategies Paul applied to accomplish success (try them to see great results!):

  1. Know your product.

Watch the company videos. Read industry magazines to know more about the industry. You can’t fake your way through it with a smile. You have to learn the product.

  1. Be a professional salesman.

Use your previous sales training. What would you want? What would the customer want? Telling isn’t selling. Ask questions. 

  1. Match product knowledge with work ethic.

Put these two together and you will hit a home run. Organize your days based on what you know about the industry. 

Paul’s Major Takeaway:

Product knowledge is important but being a professional salesman is the most important. You can’t fake it until you make it. Make sure you keep learning.

Get in touch with Paul on Facebook and check out the Diesel Performance Podcast.

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