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TSE 609: Sales From The Street-“Cold Warm Leads”

SDR, Warm Leads, The Sales EvangelistWhat if your warm leads are not warm enough? Just because your leads are smiling back at you doesn’t mean you had them at first glance. You’ve got to make sure you’re able to nurture your leads in every step of the buying process.

This is where I bring on a sales professional or an entrepreneur (or myself sometimes) so we can share our challenges to everyone and strategies we’ve implemented to overcome them so you can hopefully learn from them and apply them to your own process.

Strategies for Nurturing Warm Leads:

  1. Make sure it’s the right individual.

Focus your approach based on these individuals in the organization. Sometimes you have the end-users. You also have the influencers. Then you have the decision-makers. Sometimes all three are involved in the buying process, other times some of them have more pull than others.

  1. Sell the outcome, not necessarily the product.

Find the reasons your influencers like or dislike the product. Then utilize the top three reasons into your discussion with this new influencer. Your goal is to spark an interest.

  1. Don’t throw the lead away.

Whether they’re looking to purchase now or in the future, make each prospect feel that you care for them.

  1. Find out the outcome they’re trying to get.

Just because your prospect smile means you got the deal. You have to figure out the outcome they’re trying to get.

  1. Educate your leads.

There must be something they need that they haven’t recognized before and your goal is to educate them.

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TSE 265: Sales From The Street-“This Is How You Get A Referral”

Referral, Networking, Jeff Tockman, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly One of the best ways to grow your business is by getting referrals from your clients. Jeff Tockman is a consultant who helps his clients grow their business through referrals. Jeff is a power networker and very good at building relationships with others. In April of 2009, Jeff started Professional Social Networking Group ( He has used and improved his networking skills to grow the group to thousands of members and an average of over 100 people at each event.

After founding Tockman Consulting (, he started consulting with clients about business development in 2010. He has been running two private networking groups since 2014. He is building on his love of teaching and passion for developing people and relationships to create a unique career. He now spends his time organizing and facilitating events and working to help his business consulting clients on how to build their businesses through referrals.

Here are some of the major takeaways from our conversation:

The first thing you need to do in seeking more referrals is to offer great service to your clients.

Step One: “Ask”

Here is a question to connect with your clients to help offer you more referrals.

“What are the top 3 things you love about the widget we sold you last month”. This will give you “their” words you can use in follow-up questions. People will always teach you how to sell them if you ask the appropriate questions.

Ask open ended questions and learn what the features and benefits are that they love the most about the product you sold them.

Step Two: Grab their attention

Ask them who wants “x”. Learn more about the person you are asking for referrals from. This way you can get specific individuals who they can refer you to.

Discover which organizations they are a part of and the things they like to do.

Step Three: Ask permission to have this discussion 

“Dave, could we brainstorm a little about people you think could benefit from having this widget?”

Step Four: Who do you know?

Find out who they could refer

Step Five: Tell me more about John Smith?

Learn from them about the potential individual they are referring to you.

Step Six: “What will you tell John Smith about me?

This is where you get the client to rehearse what they are going to “say” to the referral they are about to give you.

Step Seven: Best way to connect. 

This is where you find out from them what the best way is to help you get connected with this referral.

Step Eight: Tell them what you will say when you connect with their friend.

Step Nine: Offer a reward

Is there something you can offer them at them if they give you a referral? Lunch, Dinner, etc with the referral who became a new client.

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TSE 194: How Much Research Should I Do Before A Call?

Sales Call, Research, The Sales Evangelist, Donald C Kelly, Sales PodcastsRecently, in a post in “The Sales Evangelizers”, I proposed a question on researching before a call. I wanted to see what other sellers were doing. The results were interesting. Check out the post here. Overall, the majority of people feel you should do some research. For the most part, people are researching more than 5 minutes through LinkedIn, the prospect’s website, social media and good old-fashioned Google.
My feeling on the matter is a resounding yes!!! I recently did an episode with my wife Cristina and she shared how someone called in unprepared and how unprofessional they sound. Many sellers think they can “tap dance” (speak off the cuff) pretty well, but in actually they are horrible. It makes you come off as an amateur and the prospect does not have any confidence in you.
Here are some of my best practices when it comes to research and thoughts on why you should do it.
1. Come up with 2-4 qualifies that you can use to see if someone will be an effective prospect.
  • Net revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Recent expansion, etc.

Essentially, a list of qualifies and attributes (pains/challenges) that may resemble that of your current ideal customers.

2. Take that and create a list of “100 Dream Prospects”. You can do in depth research for more information on them outside of prime prospecting time. When it’s time to call, you will have your info and know what to say.
3. Recognize that the prospects are doing research on you when they are prospecting. A significant portion of their decision is made before the call when they are looking. You can and should do the same as well.
4. Research before the call also differentiates you. You’re able to stand out from the competition easily because they’re not doing much before hand.
5. Don’t overdo it. Many times sellers will talk themselves out of a potential opportunity with the information they find. In actuality, they should be looking for ways to qualify themselves not disqualify themselves.
The principle I live by with research is, the more I know about the prospect, the better I can articulate a value proposition custom to them.
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TSE 181: Creating Sales Funnels That Sell with Alan Mckenna

Sales Funnel, Sales Process, Business Development, New LeadsWondering why you’re still not making the sales that you’re aiming for? Now take a step back and ask yourself this…

Do I have a sales funnel that sells? Or better yet, do I even have a sales funnel?

Don’t fret. Check out this episode and learn from today’s awesome guest.

Alan McKenna has extensive experience in the personal transformation space and business conscience space. He helps people build everything from front-end funnels to high-profit, back-end sales funnels as well as six and seven-figure funnels.

Listen in as we discuss the process of sales funnels and how you can be more effective at it.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Alan:

What is a sales funnel?

Knowing a defined audience and bringing them into a system that will help nurture and move them along the relationship towards the sale.

Factors that keep somebody in the non-buying pool:

  1. Trust

Trust is key. You need to nurture the relationship. You need to provide value and build that relationship. It’s about serving people first. How can you serve people best?

  1. Misinformation or mismatch of information

This happens when a customer has one problem but your solution applies to a different problem. To solve this, do a survey that allows you to understand their needs and then cater to their needs.

Why a survey works:

When people click on a link in the email, you’re able to tag those people and you will know what their biggest problem is. This allows you to do a discovery session and if something is a fit, you can make an invite to take the product/service.

Strategies for creating an effective sales funnel:

  1. Look at existing clients.

See what else you can do to serve those clients that will help them get further along.

  1. Segment databases based on different criteria.

Drive them into a condensation and take them through a strategy session to advance them to whatever product or service that will help them get to where they want to go. Segmenting the list will allow you to convert people from non-buyers to buyers.

  1. Look at the additional revenue opportunities within your existing client base.

We tend to be too busy looking for new leads when there are so many overlooked opportunities within an existing client base.

  1. Look at how much deeper can you go with the client.

What’s your next level product that can make your client’s life simpler, easier, and get the results faster, and remove the pain quicker?

The biggest mistakes people make when creating a funnel:

  1. Not knowing who your ideal client is.

You can’t be everything to everybody.

  1. Not knowing your client’s biggest pain points and hot buttons.

Dial into the biggest problem your audience needs to overcome and how do you communicate that?

Alan’s Major Takeaway:

Nurture the leads and clients you already have because there’s gold in what you already have.

Episode Resources:

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