TSE 1098: Storytelling and Leadership

  I often learn from entrepreneurs and I discovered a lot about storytelling and leadership recently during the Florida State Minority Development Council’s expo. On today’s [...]

TSE 1044: Sales From The Street: “Being A Great Leader”

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of being a great leader when you’re working to build a team or an organization into something that will change the world and make things [...]

TSE 1004: Sales From The Street – “Grit”

There’s a single characteristic that distinguishes effective sellers from the others, and it’s grit. It separates those who work hard and effectively from those who don’t. It [...]

TSE 794: Sales From The Street-“Don’t Be So Jealous, Bro”

Sales professionals don’t like to admit it, but we’ve all felt jealous. When one member of the team is killing it while we struggle to close, resentment creeps in; the kind of [...]

TSE 722: The Grinch Who Stole My Sales

Oftentimes, sellers blame their sales performance on the Grinch, well, on pretty much everything else but themselves. You see, it’s probably not the Grinch Or the Grinch probably is [...]

TSE 663: Persist: How To Beat The Things That Make Us Quit

Feeling down lately? Been getting rejection after rejection? Are you on the verge of giving up? Don’t give up just yet otherwise you could be missing out on greater opportunities to come. [...]

TSE 633: Start Making More Money By Adopting This Simple Mindset

Are you stuck in a scarcity mindset? As sellers, we strive to find ways to generate more income for us. But did you know how you think about time and money correlates about what you value most in [...]

TSE 629: Sales From The Street-“The Old Way Is Not Working”

Rejection is part of sales. And if  you don’t know how to handle it then probably this isn’t the career for you. But sales can be learned and it can be learned by anyone. It’s a [...]

TSE 608: Declaring Freedom From Mediocrity & Forging A Successful Mindset

As we’re celebrating Independence Day, it’s just right to discuss how you can gain financial freedom by solving the blocks that shift our thinking from entry-level job status to [...]

TSE 598: The Seven Mindsets of Success!

Today’s guest is a true hustler Sten Morgan who went from having $40 in his account to making a six-figure salary through hustle and hard work. As a result, he created a success story in [...]

TSE 591: Getting Your Motivational Level Up

 We’re basically in the middle of the year, how’re your sales going? Are you slowly finding yourself in a rut? Especially, if you’re not where you want to be at this point, this [...]

TSE 551: How Can I Get and Stay Motivated Everyday?

  Motivation is a huge part of every salesperson’s success. But how do you actually stay motivated especially during those tough times? Today’s guest is a motivator and excited Shawn [...]

TSE 511: From Telemarketer To VP Of Sales And Lessons Learned

Sure, some people believe that people are born to be sales professionals but for many people, such as myself and my guest today, we believe that sales can be taught. Jon Manley is an inspiring [...]

TSE 500: The Sales Evangelist 500th Episode-“I Can’t Believe We Are Here!”

Today marks our 500th episode! And to celebrate this marvelous milestone, we’re having this fun Q&A session where I pulled out some questions sent to me through email or from the [...]

TSE 483: The Self-Motivation Handbook-“Do What Needs To Be Done, Even When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It”

Lacking some self-motivation? Well, my guest today is just the man that you need. Jim Cathcart is a sales expert, a professional motivational speaker, and a musician. He’s going to share [...]

TSE 476: How I Lost My Business And Rose From It A Victor

What better way to end 2016 than by drawing inspiration from our guest today, Damion Lupo, an entrepreneur and author of several books. He lost his business once but he was able to rise from that [...]

TSE 308: TSE Hustlers League Tip “The Most Important 10 Minutes”

Today, I took a snippet out of one of our training sessions from TSE Hustler’s League so you can take some things and apply them to your selling career and help you improve. The TSE [...]

TSE 275: People+Passion=Sales

  People + Passion = SALES. This is what you’re going to learn about today as we bring in Kati Whitledge. Kati is the owner of an upscale boutique salon in Madison, Wisconsin called Be [...]

TSE 238: How Do I Become More Positive In 2016?

First off, we are two years old. Our first episode went live on the 26th of December in 2013. Happy birthday to us! I would like to say a million thanks to everybody who has contributed to the [...]

TSE 206: Sales From The Street- “Hustle & Motivation”

What do you think every salesperson needs to have to get things going in this highly competitive selling world? One word, ten letters, four syllables. M – O – T – I – V [...]

TSE 176: How I Was Motivated By Students At Cal Poly

Have you ever found yourself at the bottom of the barrel? If you think you’re struggling with your sales quota and feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders and want to give [...]

TSE 107: 6 Things Every Seller Must Do To Stay Highly Motivated

Brace yourself guys! This episode comes with an explosive, wealth of really good, motivating and happy information. Being his second time on the show, Ralph Quintero talks about the power of [...]

TSE 061: Eveline Pierre, Empowering Sellers with The Secret to Winning Big!

Let’s face it, as a seller sometimes we all fall into a rut or need an extra boost. Well, this is why I thought it would be great to bring Eveline Pierre on our show. Eveline is also known as [...]

TSE 050: “The Power Of Belief” With Lin Hart Part 2

In this episode I interview Lin Hart author of the book “Reginald F. Lewis Before TLC Beatrice….The Young Man Before The Billion-Dollar Empire”. Lin wrote this book focusing on a [...]

TSE 049: “The Power of Belief” with Lin Hart Part 1

In this episode I interview Lin Hart author of the book “Reginald F. Lewis Before TLC Beatrice….The Young Man Before The Billion-Dollar Empire”. Lin wrote this book focusing on a [...]