TSE 767: 6 Sales Principles I Took Away From The Greatest Showman (Part 1)

This past weekend, we watched The Greatest Showman. Over two episodes, I will share with you what I learned from The Greatest Showman as a business owner and valuable sales principles you can [...]

TSE 468: 5 Mindset, Money and Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth Results

As salespeople, sometimes you have to think as marketers so you’re able to do unconventional things which competition is not doing. Today’s guest is Dr. Minette Riordan who’s going to [...]

TSE 376: Be Confident In Your Price!

How confident are you when it comes to putting a price on the solution you offer? A lot of salespeople struggle with this and when price is getting in the way of your business or sales even when [...]

TSE 322: Timing Isn’t Right

How would you handle a prospective client saying that the timing isn’t right for your product or service and that if they decide to take advantage of the opportunity at a later time, they [...]

TSE 292: Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Money

Scared to talk about the money? Or do you feel awkward talking about it with a prospect? Today, I’m going to teach you some ways to help you get over that fear or awkward feeling whenever [...]