TSE 732: That Which You Believe You Can Achieve

Today, I’m sharing a story that can help you with your selling career. It all boils down to understanding that what you believe you can achieve. I have a  friend who shares this story with [...]

TSE 676: Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today

Abundance is yours – NOW. I’m telling you – this is one episode you want to go back and listen to again. Today’s episode is loaded with gems. We have the most sought-after [...]

TSE 661: How To Stay Motivated…Even When Things Are Going Bad

How can you stay motivated even when things are not going so well? Today’s guest is Brian Biro, America’s Breakthrough Coach, and he shares with us why people actually are not [...]

TSE 606: How To Shift Your Mindset From Playing It Safe To Taking The Leap

Still playing it safe? Afraid to take that leap? Our guest today is Felena Hanson and she shares with us how she got inspired to start her business and she teaches us how you can essentially [...]

TSE 544: Sales From The Street-“Raise Your Price”

Do you sell your services by the hour? As entrepreneurs, business owners, or sales individuals, we’re okay with charging the lowest rate possible usually because we’re afraid we might [...]

TSE 468: 5 Mindset, Money and Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth Results

As salespeople, sometimes you have to think as marketers so you’re able to do unconventional things which competition is not doing. Today’s guest is Dr. Minette Riordan who’s going to [...]

TSE 401: How To Get Your Brand And Head Right To Sell

As sellers, we often come across the term “personal branding” but do you really understand its power and the impact it can have to your own success? How do you actually brand yourself in the most [...]

TSE 293: Building An Unstoppable Mindset

Having an unstoppable mindset is an essential element as a seller. You need to perform well under pressure to stay motivated in times of difficulty. Today, we have a game changer on the show, [...]

TSE 175: Shaping A Successful Sales Mindset

[Tweet “”The way you think has greater influence over your results than any other factor.” – Kim Ades”@kimades] Kim Ades is the owner of a coaching company called [...]