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Krista Martinelli, The Sales Evangelist, Around Wellington, Sales Podcast

TSE 209: Sales From The Street-“No’s Are Not Bad”

Krista Martinelli, The Sales Evangelist, Around Wellington, Sales Podcast Today’s guest on Sales From the Street is Krista Martinelli, owner of, an online magazine which started as a print magazine for three years in the Wellington, Florida area and has now been creating an online presence for an additional seven years and becoming a thriving part of the community. Krista enjoys publishing local writers, talking about local events, doing contests, and selling advertising.

Listen in to know more about Krista’s challenges along the way, how she overcame the barriers, and how she went past them.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Krista:

Krista’s major challenges:

  • Selling a magazine that doesn’t exist yet
  • Knocking on doors to advertise her magazine and getting negative responses (No’s are good because you would be able to use your time on the next business.)

The results:

  • Started from a magazine reaching 5,500 homes to becoming a 72-page colored, glossy magazine.
  • Shout out to her great mentor, Jon Frangipane of Lighthouse Point Magazine
  • Now, they have about 5,000 monthly average hits on the site

Krista’s Major Takeaway:

If you’re selling a product, you have to believe in it. You have to like it. If your enthusiasm is real and if it’s a good product then you will succeed. You’re going to have some “no’s” on the way to getting some “yes’s” but don’t give up!
Get in touch with Krista and give her a call at 561-965-6617. Check out or drop her an email at