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TSE 947: How Do You Help Sell or Bring a Brand New Product to Market?

Donald Kelly, New Product Sales, Prospect.io, Brand New ProductBringing a revolutionary new product to market can be difficult, especially if you don’t yet have a community of supporters. Apple did it in 2007 with the iPhone, solving a problem that people weren’t even aware that they had. How can you capture people’s attention if you don’t already have that community?

Today on The Sales Evangelist, we’ll talk about how you bring a brand new product to market and get it to the masses.

Ideal customer

Steve Jobs was revolutionary. Even if you aren’t an Apple fan, the company changed the cell phone industry. It changed the music industry and other industries as well. But Apple had advantages that we don’t have.

For an average Joe that doesn’t have a huge community, how do you get your product to as many people as possible?

As a sales professional, or a marketer, or an entrepreneur, how do you accomplish that?

First, you must understand your ideal customer. We talk about this all the time because it’s vitally important, but people miss it.

We create products and services that we think people would like when in actuality they don’t.

Steve Jobs talks in his video launch about the years of research that Apple did, and the years of gathering information on user preferences, and the research to understand how people use their current phones.

Apple identified how people were using their phones, where the gaps were, and then addressed how iPhone filled in the gaps that users had. Apple found solutions to problems that people hadn’t even identified.


If you aren’t able to identify the problems that people want to get solved, that’s the next big focus.

Your audience may not realize that they have a problem yet. Henry Ford once said that if he had asked people how to improve transportation, they might have said they needed better whips or faster buggies. They didn’t understand the possibilities that were available.

The key is to educate the masses.


Find influencers or people who already have the ear of your buyer.

In the example of a phone, find tech websites or folks who do online reviews of tech products. Many of them have Youtube channels and Instagram channels and you can grab their attention, or even consider paying them to review your product and help bring it to the people they help.

People who are launching products try to appear as many places as possible. How can you make sure as many people as possible see you?

The Squatty Potty took a product that wasn’t necessarily revolutionary, but they educated people about the need for the product.

Take advantage of local events or other opportunities to introduce people to your product.


Airbnb emerged during the Democratic National Convention in 2008 when people couldn’t find enough hotels.

The company shed light on a huge problem and offered an easy solution by having people use their homes as hotels.

Is there a problem in society that you can shed light on and launch a solution to, even if it isn’t a nationwide or worldwide problem? Is there a local problem you can latch onto and utilize the news angle to help you educate people?

When we launched The Sales Evangelist podcast, we were mentioned in Entrepreneur magazine. We took that information and went to the local news folks and they wrote stories about us in local journals. Then a local news channel picked up the story.

We didn’t pay for any of it. We used our mention to grow our brand and our podcast.

Look to other products and brands to see how they have navigated their launch.


Find ways to go one-to-many as opposed to one-to-one. Sometimes when we get a new product, we try to grow it by having the people we know share it with the people they know, and that approach does work sometimes.

Instead, find pockets of ideal customers. Go on podcasts. Create a Youtube channel.

When Russell Brunson launched the book Click Secrets, he appeared everywhere. He went to conferences and other places where his potential clients were. He had a funnel on the back end, but he also had affiliates who helped him spread the word.

Find people who have one-to-many voices to help you.

These aren’t the only ways, and we could talk for hours. Look and see where success leaves clues.

“Bring a Brand New Product to Market” episode resources

Check out the video launch of the iPhone in 2007. Although it’s a long video, there’s a lot of interesting information.

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TSE 396: Emailing Influencers & Getting Responses

TSE 396: Emailing Influencers & Getting ResponsesEmailing influencers is easy, it’s getting them to respond to you that’s the real challenge. So how do you actually do this? How do you actually get influencers to notice you? How can you make yourself stand out from all these other people who are trying to get to them?

Today, my guest Jason Treu is going to teach us some great insights into how you can actually get in touch with influencers and get them to respond to you. Jason Treu is an entrepreneur, a sales leadership trainer, and a business and executive coach where he works with entrepreneurs and corporations to help them gain clarity and lock into their zone.

Jason is a bestselling author of the book Social Wealth: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships, having sold around 30,000 copies and ranks number one in four Business and  Self-help categories. Jason is a leading expert on human behavior, daring leadership, and relationship building.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jason:

Jason’s coolest sales experience when he was the customer

The power of connecting with influencers:

Helps you gain more confidence
– Influencers can introduce you to people
– They can teach you things and be your valuable resource.
– They can be your mentor.
– This speeds up the process of learning and mastering different things so you become more successful and happy.

Leveraging on conferences:

1. Email the speakers ahead of time (or potentially some attendees) and set meetings to optimize it.

Not many people email these people ahead of time and instead, they try to catch them at the show and this is not the right thing to do since you fighting with a flock of people who are also trying to get to these influencers. So  just get an appointment with them and spend some time with them. This makes the conference worth way more money than you’re paying for it.

2. Sending them an email with an intention to personally connect with them is way better than sending a cold email.

Conferences are one of the best places to go after the people you want to connect with. They are the easiest places to reach out to influencers since they would usually have the time to meet with someone.

Finding your influencers:

1. Find a list of people.

You’ve got to know who you’re going after or you’ll just be floundering around.

2. Get to know your industry better.

Read some sales or marketing blogs and see who they’re referencing and what’s going on. Going after the top people in the industry is very difficult. So try to find up and coming people. Immerse in the industry itself and you’ll start to see people who are risers and climbers who are doing great things.

3. Research their needs.

Join their newsletter. Follow them on social networking sites. Read past articles on them or their blogs. Google them and see what they’re doing and what they’re up to. Put them on Google Alert. Or try to learn about them inside of your network. Regardless, you need to figure out how you can add value to them.

How to build great relationships with people:  Give first.

A common mistake among people is they start asking for things. When you give, you put yourself psychologically for the other person inside their inner circle. Especially for influencers, everyone is asking them for something. They keep getting requests after requests. Start giving to them or try to engage with them, then you’re creating a lot of value and you stand out from everyone else.

How to email influencers & get them to respond to you:

1. Send them an email and write on something they’ve done.

Write them about what they’ve done and the impact it’s had on your life or a little comment. People love to read that because it strokes their ego.

2. Don’t ask them anything. Just say something really nice.

Sign the email with a simple “thank you” where they don’t need to do anything about it. Influencers get asked by people all the time and this would make them feel guilty that they can’t respond since they are too busy so now they never want to respond to you and they’d probably just delete your note. Lost opportunity.

Instead, write them a note where they won’t have to respond to anything. They would want to keep this kind of email and not delete it. This is great because if you email them the second time, they’ll probably research to see if you’ve contacted them before.

3. In your second email, look and see what kind of help they need.

Investigate on whether they’re traveling somewhere or they’re talking about ideas important to them or whether they’re speaking at upcoming events. This will help you understand how you can add value and help them. Try to figure out where you can insert some value that you can help them.

4. Express gratitude publicly.

Once you’ve expressed gratitude in your first email, express your gratitude publicly by doing a product review or a book review and do a video on it.

5. Think of ways that you would make you stand out.

Send them a card or a gift. You can promote causes like throwing a Happy Hour to raise some money. Or say to them that you’d be up for volunteering some of your time. Tag them on social media. People notice things because they’re out of the blue.

Other creative ways to stand out:
Sign up for their program and become their star student.
– Send clients their way.
– Contact them and help them if you’re an expert in your field.
– Contact them in critical moments (ex. if they’re launching certain projects, offer a service you could do)
– Connect them with other influencers and other people that could add value in their life.
– Send them an eBook on Amazon.

Jason’s Major Takeaways:

1. Do things in a really short way with people. Keep your email short and concise. Add value. Be a big supporter of them in the process.

2. It’s going to take several contacts for you to get through. Let go if they didn’t get back to you after you’ve followed up one time.

3. Get a list of 10 people to start with. Try to get them in person so you can forge that relationship with them.

4. Get out there and be aggressive. Do whatever you can to meet people. Be creative. Be consistent.

Episode Resources:

Check out Jason’s website www.beextraordinary.tv

Jason’s book, Social Wealth: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

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TSE 029: How To Become An Influencer with Dino Dogan Part 1!

Dino 1During this episode I interview the founder and CEO of Triberr, Dino Dogan. For those of you who don’t know about Triberr, it is a social network for bloggers that sends over 2 million monthly visits (and growing) to its members. It is a powerful avenue for anyone selling or desiring to grow an audience. With his years of experience building a powerful startup, Dino also offers great practical insights you can take and apply. With his knowledge you can learn how to grow your influence, gain loyal advocates and become a better seller. We had a great discussion and a lot of information was shared by Dino, so much that I had to break up the interview into two parts.

Some of the key take aways are:

  • Use your advocates to help you sell
  • Build your own voice online by starting a blog where you can create and educate your audience on related content
  • Writing is a skill that you can learn, you don’t have to be born with it
  • Don’t be afraid of taking a position
  • Be very specific when you write or create content for your audience 
  • Share yourself and people will want to learn from you.
  • Don’t share someone else’s experience, speak from your experiences


Book recommendation by Dino 

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation 

Stay connected with Dino:




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