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TSE 553: How I Became The #1 Sales Producer At A Billion Dollar Company In 6 Months!

Joe Gianni, Donald Kelly, Swagger: The "Way of the Sway" to Sales and Life Success,Imagine becoming the number one sales producer at a billion dollar company in just 6 months. How do you even do that? Well, lucky you because today we have Joe Gianni on the show and he’s going to tell us exactly how he did it.

Whether you’re new to sales or in a sales leadership role or even when you’re not in sales yet, you can still take principles from his experience and apply them into your life to see remarkable success.

25 years ago, Joe started his sales training and leadership training company. He had a unique way of building sales forces and individuals, took it to market, and it was picked up by major players across industries. Joe is also the author of the book, Swagger: The “Way of the Sway” to Sales and Life Success, which has recently just been released but is now gaining positive reviews and recognition.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Joe:

A lesson from Joe’s coolest sales experience as the customer:

We, as sellers, are dream-makers. We help other people make their dreams become a reality which is a unique calling.

The impetus behind writing his sales book:

  • Sales is what he has the most passion about and it’s what his multi-million dollar company is built around.
  • Right out of college, he wasn’t interested in finding a job but he had a mission to find a mentor knowing he was going to start his own business someday so he really needed to learn how to sell.
  • Joe’s mentor has a unique insight that revolves around transcending the traditional development of a salesperson which is heavily steepened skill and sales process training in order to develop the belief system of an individual that enters the world of sales and how to leverage that into a way that enables them to quickly master fundamental skills and become a master executor of those skills. Writing his book was, therefore, his way to get this out there on a global level.

Why so many sellers never become top producers:

  • They are not properly developed. They themselves don’t even know what’s missing. .Most of them look for shortcuts.
  • There is a formula that is missing in the sales discipline which is to help people understand that the biggest producers in every industry are not being adequate or ample at fundamental skill sets but one’s mind has to be ready to take that journey.
  • You have to take a journey from within your own thinking. Get out of your own way so you could do the things you need to do when it comes to mastering the skills, that you would not do them without the right mindset or core belief structure.
  • Sales is a good 80%+ mindset, proper belief and convictions and about 20%-25% on the skills and process side.
  • Most people never become masters of the fundamental skills because they’ve never become a master of their own thinking first.
  • Understand that both mindset and skills are critical to achieving success in anything. You have to dream and think about the bigger business.

Joe’s Secret: Fundamental Training Mixed with Belief Training

If you want to kick your sales force’s productivity to the next level, you’ve got to kick their belief system to the next level first. They have to have a bigger conviction of who they are and who they want to be in life first then you can teach them fundamental skills. (That’s why they haven’t mastered those fundamental skills yet!) They have to understand the need to become the best at whatever those fundamentals are for their sales profession.

The formula is to develop the right mind structure first and then leverage that mind structure to become a master of the sales process.

Joe’s strategies to become the #1 top performer in a billion-dollar company in six months:

  1. Seek out the top producers in the company.
  2. When you found the best, shut up and listen to them very intently about what they did and how they did it.
  3. Ask them good questions about how they qualified or how they presented or close or handle rejections, etc. Take mental and copious handwritten notes.
  4. Ask them what they believe about themselves, the industry, and their clients and prospects.
  5. Look for that belief set and then duplicate that so you mirror these people in skill and strategy as well as in belief and conviction. When you can do that then you can duplicate that success at an extraordinary pace.

Joe’s Major Takeaway:

Walk with swagger and the path to swagger is a discovery path you can take anytime you’re ready to discover your own thinking and what you’ve come to believe about yourself, your self-efficacy, and career sales and really truly refine that and develop powerful thoughts, powerful beliefs and convictions and then go back to the fundamentals of your trade as if you just started today. Master those fundamentals with the right mindset.

Episode Resources:

Get connected with Joe Gianni on LinkedIn or visit his website at www.2logical.com.

Check out Joe’s book,Swagger: The “Way of the Sway” to Sales and Life Success

The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi

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TSE 448: Why Your Account-Based Sales Strategy Is Failing And How Data-Driven Sales Can Help.

Account Based Selling, Account Based Marketing, Smart Prospecting, New ClientsSo I’m bringing in Vicki Godfrey on the show today. She is the Chief Marketing Officer at Avention, a B2B data company that helps sales and marketing professionals with company and contact information so they can be successful in growing their businesses.

Today, Victoria shares about what you can do to help your sales and marketing people come into alignment so you can turn your account-based marketing and sales machine up and running.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Vicki:

Victoria’s coolest sales experience when she was the customer of a car broker

Vicki’s definition of account-based marketing:

ABMS or Account-Based Marketing and Sales is a process in which marketing and sales target key accounts.

This means selecting and prioritizing accounts to go after, working with marketing and sales in an integrated fashion to target those accounts, coming up with messages delivered at the right time, aligning sales and marketing in the way they go after their accounts, and using data in every step of the way, which is a critical element of success.

Why ABM has now become a buzzword:

  1. The buyer is changing.

Statistics shows that 57% of buyers wade through the process before even talking to a sales rep.

  1. Technology has allowed ABM to scale.

ABM takes a lot of resources and technology allows companies to easily and efficiently select accounts, go after them, and measure those accounts.

  1. ABM is working.

Marketing and sales both have limited resources so targeting accounts basically leads to results and growth.

Reasons your ABM strategy could be failing:

  1. Lack of alignment

Solution: Make sure marketing and sales are aligned throughout the entire process.

Marketing and sales have to be aligned for ABM to successful. There has to be a way for marketing and sales to work together to prioritize which accounts to go after and work flawlessly together to execute the program.

  1. You’re too impatient

Solution: Don’t go straight to execution just yet.

Oftentimes, companies go right to the execution piece of it rather than marketing and sales working together with the use of data to determine which are the highest priority and opportunity accounts, select those, and work hand in hand.

  1. Failure to do the upfront work

Solution: Do the Art of the Start.

Data is a thread that should go throughout all ABM. Do the upfront work, which is the art of the start –

  • Select customer and prospects.
  • Identify key accounts.
  • Understand customer strengths and weaknesses.
  • Align sales and marketing around target customers.
  • Make sure you’ve got the right data analytics.

What kind of data should you look for:

  1. Understand who your customers are and who your best customers are.
  2. Develop ideal profiles so you either go after incremental new customers or understand which ones you should be targeting to expand your programs with.
  3. Make sure you’ve got easy reporting in an analytics kind of way so marketing and sales can quantify what’s going on to the program.

The Step-by-Step Process of ABM, Simplified

  1. Analyze your account. Segment them and determine the best accounts.
  2. Develop the ideal profile.
  3. Replicate that and work in a collaborative method.
  4. Using data, understand the quantitative and qualitative input from sales.

How to address a dysfunctional ABM process:

  1. Data as a critical element throughout the entire journey

Data is the source of truth in both marketing and sales. It is therefore critical to have one source of truth so you can have one set of goals and one way to measure the funnel.

  1. This has to be done in every step along the way.
  1. A combined effort between marketing and sales

ABM is about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. This message must be come from the combined effort of marketing and sales.

Does ABM work in a small business?

This matters more because small companies have less resources so the risks are greater. There is less flexibility so you can’t make mistakes. Therefore you have to plan it out correctly, do your work upfront, and you can’t go to the end and do the execution. The selection of companies is even more important.

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TSE 275: People+Passion=Sales


Passion, Motivation, Sales, The Best Sales Podcast, Kati Whitledge, Donald Kelly, People + Passion = SALES. This is what you’re going to learn about today as we bring in Kati Whitledge. Kati is the owner of an upscale boutique salon in Madison, Wisconsin called Be Inspired Salon. They opened in 2010 with 2 employees which has now scaled up to 22 members.

She further created Meet Your Match with the purpose of increasing the retention rates of salons which is currently at 30%. Through this platform, they are able to help visitors find the stylists that would be the best fit for them based on profiling and lifestyle preferences. Kati’s endeavor has become so successful that she is turning this into a national platform which will go live in the next month.

Dig this: The relationship with your stylist can actually surpass that of your spouse.

But what does this have to do with you as a salesperson? Well, you’ve got to pay very close attention to find out as Kati shares with us tons of valuable information that could help you better your sales.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kati:

The benefits of Meet Your Match:

  • Increases the speed of the sales process by alleviating the fears of new guests sitting in the chair of the stylist they have no idea about
  • People buy from those they know, they like, and they trust.
  • It’s not about the client finding the best stylist but it’s about the stylist who they do their best work with. Stylists pre-qualify their buyers

People + Passion = Sales

  • People buy from who they know, they like, and trust.
  • It’s not about your product. It’s about who you’re selling to and why.
  • Trust is key.

How do you build trust?

  1. Be vulnerable.

Be out there. Don’t be scared if people won’t like you. If they don’t, then they’re not your people. You’re not perfect and that’s what makes you real.

  1. Be authentic.

People will do business with those who believe what they believe. Be who you are to naturally attract the right people to you.

  1. Decide on the values of your company.

Everyone is not your customer. Follow your passion and the people who it’s for, they will gravitate towards it.

  1. Be genuinely interested in people.

Get to know people around you on a deeper level. Ask them questions. Take care of people you already have as they become your second sales force.


Where does sales come in here?

When people see how fired up you are and you believe in what you have to offer, they will believe it and when you become real, the sales part comes easy… so easy that you don’t have to offer discounts or devalue what you’re selling. Sales becomes effortless. It’s just a result of being great with people and believing in what you have to offer.

More tips from Kati:

Practice makes permanent. Don’t skip steps. Go all the way and follow through.

Kati’s Major Takeaway:

Be authentic. Be yourself. Don’t be fearful that people won’t accept you. By being vulnerable and authentic, you will attract more of the right people that you want to do business with.


Connect with Kati Whitledge on Facebook , Twitter @kati_whitledge, and LinkedIn.

Visit www.meetyourmatchus.com


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Check out Simon Sinek’s YouTube video: If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business

Book mentions:

Grant Cardone’s book, Sell Or Be Sold