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Sales Tips from Resa Gooding

TSE 1230: How To Ensure Your Sales Teams Actually Have Time To Sell

Sales Tips from Resa GoodingAll organizations, no matter what size, need to know how to ensure your sales teams actually have time to sell

Resa Gooding is a partner in a Hubspot certified agency and they mostly help companies, especially startups, in Israel. As one of the top three agencies in Israel, they primarily work with startups and other traditional companies such as agriculture and manufacturing. They are helping them understand the value of CRM and how to effectively apply it to their companies. 

Challenges salespeople face

The most common problem in the sales force is the lack of training given to the sales team. This lack of experience causes inefficiency as the companies throw their sales reps in deep waters and expect them to swim. 

Many companies are so focused on the technology or the product they’re producing,  they don’t spend adequate time sharing the value and benefits of their product with the sales force.  An untrained team ends up spending more time on the administrative tasks instead of selling. They need to be given the information and the tools to effectively sit down with a new prospect. 

If management fails to offer the sales team a way to stay accountable to the workday activities, management can mistakenly think their team isn’t working. There has to be a system in place so the sales team can report their activities and successes.  Having this in place also gives management a tangible way of seeing the work their team is doing. For example, how many calls they’ve made in the workday. 

Resa set up marketing campaigns for her clients but began to see that if salespeople didn’t know how to work with the prospects that came from the marketing, the efforts were in vain. She saw that to make marketing effective, the salespeople needed to be able to summarize conversations properly and sales reps needed to reduce their time spent on administrative efforts. They needed to be equipped to spend their time selling. Resa aims to give salespeople the time to study their product, set up appointments, and communicate with prospects effectively, instead of spending their time doing administrative tasks. 

Ensure that your sales teams are having the time to sell

Sales reps need training in order to be successful and reach their goals. Sales processes they can follow have to be set up so their efforts can be checked by management.  This promotes accountability. There are three tools that can be used to ensure that sales teams are getting more time to sell their company’s products.

Connect your email inbox to your CRM software

You can use HubSpot, SalesForce, or other similar CRM software. At the end of the day, what matters is that your sales team is more efficient in their work. The first thing you can do is connect your email inbox to the CRM software you’re using. 

This is efficiency at its best.  Using this software allows your manager to see the emails exchanged between you and prospects or customers.  Enabling the manager to view this communication directly eliminates the need to summarize conversations at a later time.  Leave that to your CRM. 

Both marketing and sales today can be measured through this software. Managers and the sales team no longer have to meet each time reports need to be made. All aspects of the sales process can be viewed as needed and everything is measurable. 

Earlier salespeople, like the ones who sold door-to-door, had to write down all their data or write a report about their sales day. Today, the salesperson just needs to connect to their email inbox on the CRM platform and reports are immediate.

Using CRM increases the sales reps’ available time up to 21% compared to doing the reports manually. 

For example, when you attend a conference, typically you have to wait until you get home to input information manually. You can potentially delay communicating with the contacts you made at the conference up to a whole week.   This is valuable time wasted in a world where transactions can happen so quickly. 

When you are using CRM software, you are able to reach out immediately by asking for their email and starting a conversation while still at the conference. This is a huge advantage to setting up CRM software and free up so much time in the sales process. 

Connect your Calendly to your email communications 

The second way to ensure your sales teams are getting the time to sell is to connect your Calendly to your email communications. This is an efficient way of setting up a meeting with prospects and clients. Hubspot has an amazing tool that can help salespeople connect with speed. It’s suggested that you also embed three specific times a client can meet with you.  It’s more efficient when they don’t have to work as hard to figure out a time or date you’re available. It cuts down on the emails that have to be exchanged to firm a meeting which also saves valuable time. 

Use templates effectively 

Templates are ways to streamline the time it takes to write and send an email while it makes communication customizable.  This can be set up in HubSpot once your inbox is created and by simply clicking a button, it will copy all the text and bring it straight to your HubSpot. You can then change the information and content to make it more personalized and unique to your prospect or client.  

Resa has observed that this feature is especially helpful for salespeople who may not be strong in written communication. This is where the marketing team can be especially helpful. Marketing can set-up the templates for salespeople to use. 

After emails are sent, the software can then track when it’s opened by the recipient.  Having this information helps salespeople become more efficient about timing and targeting the callback or follow up.  It’s much easier to build a rapport with someone who has already shown initial interest. The recipient won’t get any notifications that you’ve seen them open the email.  It’s just a helpful tool for you to time the response. 

These three tools help make your sales team more efficient as it reduces their time on administrative tasks.  Using Hubspot also allows access to reports summarizing all the activity as well.

HubSpot is free so businesses can check it out and test it in their own sales systems. This is a good platform for startups that don’t have the budget to invest in programs and software. 

Many startup companies that Resa has helped have seen positive results when they use her three suggestions for saving time. 

“How To Ensure Your Sales Teams Actually Have Time To Sell” episode resources 

You can message Resa via her LinkedIn account. You can also check out her website: www.cacaomedia.co

For more sales information and questions, you can also catch up with Donald via LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for any sales concerns. 

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TSE 723: How HubSpot Scaled From 150 to 1500 People and Significantly Increased Sales in the Process

Sales professionals, sales leaders, sales owners – you can get a lot from this episode today. How can you scale your organization? And what better organization there is to look at than HubSpot.

Today’s guest is Sam Mallikarjunan. He’s a marketing Fellow at HubSpot and former Head of Growth at HubSpot Labs. He’s going to share with us how Hubspot grew from 150 to 1,500 people in seven different countries. Sam also teaches Digital Marketing at the Harvard University of Continuing Education.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Sam:

Mistakes Most Organizations Make When Scaling

1. Losing cash faster than you’re able to acquire new cash

Cashflow is more important than your mother. So you have to be able to manage your cashflow.

2. You can’t spend money to get customers unless you’re good at keeping them.

If you’re really good at keeping your customers, you can pay your reps really well. You can give them lots of collateral to help them close the deal. Then you spend a lot of money on marketing and training.

The Consultative-Based Sales Process

When Jeff Bezos added negative reviews to the Amazon website, his goal is to make money not to sell things, but to make money when they help people make purchased decisions.

Don’t get people to make a decision that you want them to make, but coach them into a decision that’s going to be best for them.

You’d be amazed how powerful it is to not sell to somebody. A lot of times, they’ll figure it out themselves. And either buy from you or come back to you in the future to buy from you.

Strategies for Motivating Your Team:

  • Get past the “Always be closing!” mentality
  • Check out the “candle” mentality
  • Don’t make things complicated or your team is more likely to get burned out

Sam’s Major Takeaway:

The hardest thing to do is to convince people to try it. People aren’t usually driven to change unless there’s an impetus to change.Slow down your sales cycle and ask more questions. Give more answers and focus on helping. Slow that down and you’ll achieve long term business growth.

Episode Resources:

Reach out to Sam via www.samfromthevan.com or www.mallikarjunan.comOr connect with him on LinkedIn.

Check out the TSE Hustler’s League.

Tired of PowerPoint decks? Use Prezi Business and your presentations will never be the same.

Harvard University of Continuing Education


Leads, Nicholas Holland, Leadin, Hubspot, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 361: Secret Strategies To Gain More Qualified Leads

Nicholas Holland, Hubspot, Leadin, Sales Podcast How can you generate more leads? How can you generate more business opportunities? What can you do to get more clients in the door? Content is key as they say. But what if you can’t even make great content? Is there a way to still put out great content offers to your clients?

We’re going to talk about these things today as we bring Nicholas Holland on today’s show. Nick is an expert in content marketing as well as an expert in credibility and expertise marketing and today he shares with us interesting thoughts and insights into prospecting and lead generation.

Nick is an entrepreneur. He currently heads HubSpot‘s Labs division. One of their products called Leadin, helps people capture more leads, enrich those leads over time, and optimize lead conversion rates on websites.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Nick:

Strategies for increasing your social presence on your website:

  1. Establish your credibility.

Make your website look credible.

  1. Services/product page

Not everyone is a writer. And if you can’t do it well enough then keep it simple. Leadin has created Lead Flow, a little box you can place on various parts of your website that empowers the salesperson and the marketer to work together in a way that you can put targeted offers together specifically on the product or service page. You don’t even have to write the content anymore.

What Lead Flow does:

  • Consolidates leads.
  • Shows you what the lead did on the site.
  • Enriches the lead so you see their background, Twitter screen, company information, LinkedIn information, etc.
  • Wraps those leads so you can send them over to you or to your email service provider, marketer (MailChimp, Hubspot, AWeber Email Marketing, etc.)
  • Keeps 6 products/services on your website and does the work one time to find 6 interesting things and add those as a content offer to those pages.
  1. You are the driver to the homepage and product/service page.

Slightly put in the effort one time to put some nice offers on the site and then you have this great flywheel of capturing leads, driving into the CRM, and working those leads.

Pop-ups as interruption marketing: What’s the problem?

Being a true craftsman of selling is so much more as you have to learn all the nuances and all the different ways to satisfy what the customer is looking for.

What to avoid:

Heavy handed pop-ups that roll deep on the entire site

Giant full screen pops up in every page

Best local sales techniques:

  • Facilitate getting people together into a forum you can curate who comes to that. Get your sales techniques together and invite CEO’s of other companies. This can work as a round table discussion or even facilitate webinars inviting speakers from all over the world as you will (you basically don’t have to put out your own content here)
  • Surf experts in the field that your customers are looking for and if anybody was doing a webinar, throw a banner at your page and recruit your visitors towards that event.
  • Send emails to your segmented list. Even if they don’t show up, they would naturally think that you are the expert in the field.

How do you create attention?

  1. Ask thought-provoking questions.
  2. Use tools like Leadin to facilitate converting that attention into leads.
  3. Be creative and get in the mind of the customer and discover what they’re looking for.
  4. Create a series of small YES’s.
  • Think of your website as a series of small YES’s.
  • Ask them if they’re interested enough to come check you out? Yes.
  • They come to your site. Now ask them if they’d like to trade some information for more information? Yes.
  • Would they like to be with like-minded people? Yes.
  • Then take your CRMs and take them to the next level. Ask them, would you like to sit down and talk about how to solve these problems? Yes.

How to counter your reluctance of asking for phone numbers:

If they don’t give you their phone numbers, they’re telling you not to call them. So ask yourself if it’s appropriate to ask for their phone number. Did you ask the appropriate question?

Find 2-3 marketers you know or your family and friends know. Take them out for lunch and get some ideas to figure out six offers you can make to your products/services pages that would make somebody want to talk to you.

Nick’s Major Takeaway:

Pull up your company’s website and think of a piece of content that you could offer per product or service page. Have a lead close for each product that essentially draws out a series of small yes’s from your customers. Re-purpose other people’s content. Find a webinar or event and invite some people over to your office. Or try Google Hangouts and watch it via screen share.

Episode Resources:

HubSpot’s Leadin



Get connected with Nick on Twitter @nicholasholland or send him an email at holland@hubspot.com.

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HubSpot Side Kick, Sales Tools, The Sales Evangelist, Donald C Kelly, Donald Kelly

TSE 158: Donald’s Top Three Sales Tools Part 1 “HubSpot’s Sidekick”

HubSpot Side Kick, Sales Tools, The Sales Evangelist, Donald C Kelly, Donald Kelly

I’m a firm believer that, as sales professionals and entrepreneurs, we need to take advantage of tools that are going to make our lives easier and increase our ability to sell more. This is why I’m doing this three part series. Over the next three Mondays, I will share with you some of the favorite tools I use on a daily basis to assist or enhance my sales performance. This week I want to share with you “Hubspot’s Sidekick” tool. It’s one that I use the most — besides my CRM.

The tool is just like the name depicts. It’s a sidekick to provide you insights with your email, personal intel on your prospects and offers potential leads similar to the ones you’re working with.


We all have heard that it takes up to 8-12 touches for a prospect to make a purchase. So, this is why sellers of all levels send emails and leave voice mails in hopes that they can reach their target individuals. But how can you tell if they are getting your emails? You can always be “that guy” and send the creepy stalker-looking “read receipt,” but whenever you send that it just feels like you’re desperate or trying too hard and annoying.


The Sales Evangelist, Read Receipt


But what if there was a way to know when and how a prospect opened your email? What if you can see who they forward it to? How about what links they clicked on and how long they spent on those pages? Well, those are a few powerful capabilities of Hubspot’s Sidekick.


During this episode, I reveal some of the unique ways I’m using this tool. I’m sure you’ll discover some of your own. Some of the benefits you will see by using this are:

  • Sidekick shows you powerful information about your contacts right in your inbox
  • See a contact’s professional history, where they live, mutual contacts, email history and so much more
  • With Sidekick you can track your emails
  • Receive live notifications when someone opens or clicks on one of your emails
  • Know when, how many times, where, and from what device they opened your email
  • Sidekick recommends leads who are similar companies to those you are working with
  • Sidekick is FREE! Allowing you up to 200 email notifications per month

Here is a video that Hubspot put together on this tool. Check it out and let me know what you think.


And remember to work smarter, not harder, take advantage of tools and do BIG THINGS!

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