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TSE 585: TSE Hustler’s League-“Humility”

Today’s episode is a throwback session of the TSE Hustler’s League that I did with Jimmy Burgess where we discussed different attitudes and things to help you generate a tsunami of leads.

Jimmy is a real estate expert, a speaker, an author, and a coach. One of the principles Jimmy talked about is humility and we’re going to focus on that today.

The Power of Humility

  1. Find out what it is you’re prideful about.

What are you great at? It’s healthy to have some confidence, but you know when you’ve taken it too far and you’ve become too proud. Identify the areas where you no longer spend the time growing in which you used to b because you think you’ve gotten it under control now.

  1. Get rid of certain things to be able to move forward.

Jim did a study to find out what successful people shared in common. He found that you have to get to a place where you’re humble enough so you can be blessed in a way you can continue and grow and bounce back.

7 Things People Have to Get Rid Of in order to Move Forward:

  1. Ego

Research shows that ego is the number one reason that over two-thirds of all businesses fail. The person who thinks knows everything won’t have the capability to learn anything new.

Ask yourself in whatever aspect of your business whether it’s ego-driven or is it driven from your core why.

  1. Sense of Entitlement

The world doesn’t owe you anything. Long-term success comes from sacrifice, hard work, and from consistently doing on a daily basis the things it takes to move your business forward.

  1. Self-focus

It’s about you. You have to be able to identify and put yourself in the shoes of your customer, their pain point, and what they need help with.

  1. Negativity

Get around positive people, otherwise, being around negative people all the time is going to affect everything you do, your productivity, your outlook in life, and eventually you’ll get frozen by that negativity.

  1. Complacency

You can’t wait for things to happen. Take action today and then if you need to make adjustments, do so. You will never go wrong taking massive action.

  1. Unwillingness to change

Everything is constantly changing so be willing to change the things that are changing. You have to adapt to the market to have the opportunity to move forward. Notice the trend. Be the first one to make the change and adapt to the market the quickest and you’ll be the top salesperson in your company.

  1. Fear

You can’t let fear make you want to play small and not take risks and hold you back from transforming a good business into a great business. What are you afraid of? Realize that you’re probably worried about something that’s not even going to happen.

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TSE 397: Hard Work & Passion Will BEAT Brains Any Day!

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Sales Podcast, GRIT, Angela DuckworthBrains is not everything. Knowledge is not the be all and end all. You have got to have some grit. Today, I’m sharing with you how you can hustle out there.

Some people are just so successful in what they do and you see them just doing well at it. You’d probably think their smartness accounts for that. That’s what I’ve always thought though – that you need to be really smart to be successful. But that is totally not true!

Here are the highlights of today’s episode:

Here are some takeaways that I’ve learned from the book I’m reading right now called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth:

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to be the most successful one in the room.

You don’t have to have brains to be able to accomplish your goals.

Hard work beats brains any day when brains don’t work.

What is grit?

It’s your passion, hustle, your drive. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. It just matters if you had that passion and that drive.

Translating that into the sales world, I’ve seen people who are really smart and could have done phenomenal things if they only hustled but they were just plan lazy. Passion was lacking. There wasn’t any grit. So they did not succeed.

Studies show that people who may not be the smartest but they have the grit and hustle are more likely to outperform everyone else.

A personal experience:

I didn’t grow up from from a wealthy family and my mom has that grit as she was trying to take care of all of us. Seeing that pushed me to be successful. At one point in our life, we lost our home and had to live with family and friends. I realized I never want to be in a situation like that again and thrive in whatever I did and become the best I can be and be able to provide for my family. Not all of this came because I was smart but because I had that grit. I had that “why” to move me and be successful.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Brains does not make a great seller. What makes one a great seller is someone who has strong desire, strong passion, strong reason, and strong motive. Just hustle. Hustle, hustle and you can outbeat brains every time. Don’t have a “why?” Get one. Have a reason to motivate you and push you.

Episode Resources:

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth


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TSE 250: Sales From The Street- “The Start Is Hard”

SEE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE (1)Do you feel like you don’t have enough within you to be able to achieve your goals?  Are you losing confidence? In today’s Sales From the Street episode, we bring Linda Yates back on the show today as she shares with us her biggest challenge in her career and how she overcame it.

Linda is The Image Energizer where she helps individuals and organizations step up their image and their personal brand through some tweaks to be able to capitalize and grow revenue to achieve success by at least 10 times. She also hosts her own podcast The Executive Edge.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Linda:

The biggest sales challenge Linda faced:

Dealing with limiting beliefs

What Linda learned from that experience:

Get out of your own way.

Strategies Linda applied to overcome the challenge that you can also apply:

  1. Understand your strengths. Utilize them and start communicating them.
  2. Reach out to people you know.

Get the word out to your network and let them know what you’re doing.

  1. Bring value.

More nuggets of wisdom from Linda:

  • When you step back and ask yourself if that’s really what you want or you’re going where you want to go, keep coming back to what your purpose is.
  • Work hard enough, long enough

Get in touch with Linda Yates through her website www.lindahyates.com and download her eBook Uncover the Possible 12 Keys to Success.

Linda’s Major Takeaway:

“You can do it, whether or not you believe you can do it. I believe you can do it. Buy into that and know that nothing is impossible.”

Episode Resources:


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Check out Linda’s previous interview on – TSE 009: DOES THE WAY YOU DRESS AFFECT THE WAY YOU SELL?

Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers

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TSE 239: Sales From The Street- “Hard Work & Determination”

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Paul Wilson

The last episode for 2015! Our guest on today’s Sales From the Street is Paul Wilson who shares with us great thoughts and insights about the challenges of entering into a new industry.

With over 10 years of sales experience, Paul has sold everything from vacuums and cars to mortgages and online education. Currently, he works for a diesel performance company. It was a fish-out-of-water experience for Paul not realizing what he was actually selling. Let’s dig deeper into the show to find out how Paul overcame his challenges and ultimately achieved success.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Paul:

Paul’s major challenges:

  • Culture change
  • Product change

Proven strategies Paul applied to accomplish success (try them to see great results!):

  1. Know your product.

Watch the company videos. Read industry magazines to know more about the industry. You can’t fake your way through it with a smile. You have to learn the product.

  1. Be a professional salesman.

Use your previous sales training. What would you want? What would the customer want? Telling isn’t selling. Ask questions. 

  1. Match product knowledge with work ethic.

Put these two together and you will hit a home run. Organize your days based on what you know about the industry. 

Paul’s Major Takeaway:

Product knowledge is important but being a professional salesman is the most important. You can’t fake it until you make it. Make sure you keep learning.

Get in touch with Paul on Facebook and check out the Diesel Performance Podcast.

Episode Resources:

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TSE 206: Sales From The Street- “Hustle & Motivation”

Salespeople, Sales Motivation, Vernon T. Foster, Donald KellyWhat do you think every salesperson needs to have to get things going in this highly competitive selling world? One word, ten letters, four syllables.

M – O – T – I – V – A – T – I – O – N

In today’s episode, Vernon Foster II shares with us how you can get that fire burning and charge up for the daily hustle!

Vernon currently works with companies helping them launch podcasts, get their message out to the world, and build the know-like-trust factor through the podcasting medium.

Having completed two college degrees (one in marketing and another in real estate), Vernon was ready to take on the world until he realized there wasn’t actually a lot of opportunities out there and got blindsided by the American Dream. How did he manage to get up, find his purpose, and live by that purpose each day? Let’s find out!

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Vernon:

Strategies to Keep Your Fire Burning:

  1. Don’t depend on someone to be your sole provider.

Be in the position to kill the meat and bring it home. If you don’t, no one else will. You are the sole provider and creator of your own destiny. Don’t expect others to fulfill that for you.

  1. Watch your inputs and outputs.
  • Avoid watching the news which has negative stuff.
  • Surround yourself with people at your level or above. That way you soak up the knowledge and swag in your life and it helps build your confidence.
  • Read, read, read.
  1. Start your day right with a personal daily ritual.
  • Cultivate patience through meditation and gratitude. Vernon spends two hours each day meditating and keeps a gratitude journal where he writes three things he’s grateful for that happened the day before.
  • Recite daily affirmations.
  • Exercise even for a few minutes a day.
  • Read motivational/spiritual books.
  1. Set goals.

Set income goals and prospecting goals. Set goals but also be flexible. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach your goals. Instead, think about why you didn’t hit your goal and how you can do better.

Vernon’s Major Takeaways:

Don’t be afraid to go out there and drum up the business and live out your dream or purpose. You can’t depend on someone to be your sole provider. Set goals, be consistent, manage your expectations and the universe will provide what you’ve asked for. Come up with your personal daily ritual to cultivate the right mindset and trust in abundance.
Connect with Vernon through Facebook and on Instagram @vernon_foster

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TSE 176: How I Was Motivated By Students At Cal Poly

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Motivation, Hard Working, Hustle Have you ever found yourself at the bottom of the barrel? If you think you’re struggling with your sales quota and feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders and want to give up…

Better think again…

I was on a mini-speaking tour this past week attending the Podcast Movement, a discussion at a San Diego college, and finally another keynote speaking event in Cal Poly where I got to speak with approximately a hundred amazing, first-generation college students who basically come from “rough” backgrounds and who are the first in their immediate family to go to college.

You might want to get some inspiration from and be motivated by these first-generation college kids (in the same way they’ve motivated me and renewed my spirit) and learn how to apply that walk-on mentality to your business, to your sales, and to your life.

How to keep the walk-on mentality:

  1. Always be hungry.
  1. Have a tenacious drive to follow your passion.
  1. Who cares about what people say about you?
  1. Sacrifice, go deeper, and work harder.
  1. Out-beat everyone around you and be the best you can be.
  1. Keep moving forward and never give up.