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TSE 192: Sales From The Street- “Lead With Value”

Value Base Selling, The Sales Evangelist, Scott Hendricks, Calibrated Power Solutions“While the sale may be important, what’s really important is actually the next sale.” – Scott Henricks

From knives to trucks, Scott Henricks certainly knows what he’s talking about. It doesn’t really matter what you sell, it’s how you sell it.

Scott is a general manager for a diesel performance company specializing in engine re-calibrations for Duramax and Cummins trucks. Today, Scott shares with us some challenges he encountered and how he overcame them to give him the results that he aimed for.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Scott:

Scott’s sales challenge:

Becoming a specialist from one product category to another product category and doing it quickly

Strategies Scott applied:

  1. Forums: A place where you will find enthusiasts and subject matter experts. However, you need to utilize forums correctly. Know what you’re talking about. Do it right.

The benefits of forums:

  • It becomes a “sales force multiplier”
  • You can quantify and find prospects through data you can gather
  1. Learning from Dave Kerpen’s book: Likeable Social Media
  • How to build your own set of evangelists
  • How to get people on board with your product
  1. Bring value first.

Help people instead of selling. By helping the right people, these people are going to start selling for you and doing it from the goodness of their hearts.

Get in touch with Scott by visiting their website www.calibratedpower.com or send him at email at scott@calibratedpower.com.

Scott’s Major Takeaway:

Don’t be afraid to help. Even if no one’s asking for it, just get out there. Spread knowledge and try to find people who are enthusiastic about your product. Get involved with them and they’ll take care of you.

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TSE 123: Sellers with a Formal Sales Process Generate More Revenue

Sales Process, Selling, The Sales EvangelistHaving an effective process is crucial in sales. Today, Greta Schulz talks about sales processes, why you need to have them, and how are you going to be able to stick with them.

Greta Schulz is an entrepreneur, consultant, and a motivational sales speaker.  She is the founder and president of Schulz Business, a sales consulting firm that provides sales training programs to small businesses. Having an extensive experience in sales, marketing, training, and sales management, Greta primarily helps people to stop selling.

For several people sales somehow ends up being a negative experience for them. Greta seeks to be able to shift that mindset in people, teaching entrepreneurs and salespeople the beauty of giving customers the option of saying ‘no’ as a doorway to better opportunities.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Greta:

Greta’s coolest experience when she was the customer comes from the purchase of her first BMW.

  • Getting people to come to the conclusion of buying without force
  • Changing sales interaction through asking good questions

Sales process, defined:

  • It is not memorizing scripts
  • An outline of what you’re doing and where you’re going while injecting your own style and personality

Why people don’t use a process

Poor communication as a huge problem:

  • Listening for an opportunity to close

Key principles of a sales process:

  • Setting ground rules to make people comfortable and give them an option to say no
  • Ask neutral, engaging questions until you get down further

Bringing up price in the process:

  • Less with cost, more with emotion
  • Price is subjective
  • Get their issues on the table first and find out how these affect them
  • Paying for nice vs. necessary
  • Bringing up money either too early or too late

The right place to talk about money: after issues, before proposal

Giving them a range of prices:

  • To give them an idea of where you are
  • To get their reaction

Staying disciplined to the process:

  • A process always allows you to know where you are.
  • Having motivators to stick with it
  • Knowing that you achieve success at the end of the process
  • Having confidence in each step of the process

The importance of being in control of the process

  • You are in control since you’re asking the questions.

Current projects Greta is working on:

Sales Success Kit – everything Greta teaches in a box (CDs, DVDs, workbooks, cheat sheet pad, online training, etc.)

To find out more about Greta, visit www.schulzbusiness.com

Greta’s Major Takeaway:

Set those ground rules at the beginning and make sure that you let people know that NO is okay.