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TSE 549: Sales From The Street-“Be Interested”

Meir, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast Today’s guest is Meir Ezra, an entrepreneur who went through an interesting experience during his first sales call that actually landed him a great account. Meir previously spent six years in the army, living on $6 a day, until he had to start selling, and now he has created an empire, owning many businesses around the globe.

Meir has a viewpoint that he is willing to win and lose with the same level of enthusiasm. He plays the game for playing, not for winning. Discover more of his viewpoints which you can take along with you to help you on your sales journey.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Meir:

Meir’s biggest sales struggle:

Coming back from South Africa, Meir went to Israel and saw a system that combated fuel fraud. He needed to sell this to major companies and went to BP one day and sent a presentation.

Meir looked for the top guy, Bill, and he told the receptionist he was there to meet him. When he was escorted by the secretary to Bill, he asked Meir if he knew him. Meir responded that Bill would want to know him. Then Bill said he’s got 5 mins. Meir actually walked in the building at 10am and 8pm, they left together after dinner.

Strategies Meir used to achieve sales success:

  1. Care about the person

In order to sell, you need to care about the person in front of you. The secret to caring is not asking questions but to get an answer to your question.

  1. Get an answer to your question.

Sales is not about asking questions, it’s about getting an answer to your question. When this happens, you get  in control of the sales cycle. Second, they know you’re interested and not just interesting.

When you ask a question, get the person to look into his mind and the moment he gives you an answer, then you already have the person.

A salesman helps the client to help himself with his product or service. But you can’t help your client before they told you everything you needed to know.

Once you learn the art of getting an answer to your question, your sales closing percentage can’t go below 100%.

  1. Understand before you act.

When you actually sold is because you understood the client and when you didn’t sell is because you didn’t understand the client.

Give the customer what you know he wants. (“Know” means what you found out and not just a guess) If you give them what they want, then they’ll buy it from you.

  1. Know that it’s you.

Consider that everything is you. Stop blaming it on other people or things or situation. If the prospect is not answering, change something in you. It’s you.

Responsibility means that you are the cause for everything that happened to you and for everyone else.

Wondering what ever happened to Muir’s deal with BP?

Three months later, they signed a $100 million contract.

Meir’s Major Takeaway:

Be interested. Don’t blame anyone ever. The moment you start to blame, know that it’s you regardless of how good your excuse sounds.

Episode Resources:

Get in touch with Meir at meir@meirezra.com  

Predictable Prospecting by Marylou Tyler

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Donald Kelly, TSE Hustler's League

TSE 520: TSE Hustler’s League-“Perception is Reality”

Donald Kelly, TSE Hustler's LeagueFirst impressions last for most people. Therefore, you have to make sure you establish a great perception. But, how can you create a great perception with your prospects and the people you’re working with?

This is yet another great episode taken from one of the sessions of our online group coaching, the TSE Hustler’s League where we focus on a specific topic each week. This semester is all about building value.

How do you want to be perceived by your prospects?

This goes back to the concept of knowing who your ideal customers are. As you grow and evolve in your career, your customers may evolve as well into a more professional atmosphere. For instance, you may now be attracting customers who pay more.

What are the things you need to project on your platform so people can see it?

What are the most important things you can do to create that image of yourself which you want your customers to perceive you as?

Strategies to establish good perception with your clients:

  1. Make sure you look good.

Identify the places which people will see you (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). These people are going to look for you and they’re going to see you. So make sure you have that great lasting impression. Consider your appearance and look professional. Your choice of color is a huge factor too as well as the style of hair you wear. Bottom line: Make sure you look good.

  1. Make sure you have a good breath.

Look good, smell good. Again, first impressions last a long time. You get one time to make a great first impression. Buyers will create a perception of you that’s going to last a long time. All of this will be based on the first FIRST impression you made. 

  1. Consider your branding.

Your branding is what people think about you when you’re not around. And YOU are the brand. In order to set that perception, you have to clearly understand the person that you are and what you want them to see you as. Be careful with what you post especially when making political statements. Otherwise, make a separate social media account that is solely for business purposes.

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TSE 517: Reduce Cost or Increase Revenue? What Should I Lead With?

DONALD KELLY, THE SALES EVANGELIST PODCASTAs a seller, your job is to bring value to your clients by finding ways that will either help them cut their expenses and save money or increase revenue. But which one should you lead them with?

What is the goal of every business?

For any business, one of the biggest goals is to increase revenue. Cutting cost is imperative but as a seller, this may not be the most effective thing for you to lead with every single time.

The problem with reducing cost every time

There is only so much cost you can reduce before it comes ineffective. You can’t get rid of everything or go out and fire your employees. Sometimes, cost go hand in hand with increasing revenue.

The thing to lead with: Find ways to increase revenue

Companies continuously seek ways to increase their revenue and if you could come in and speak of ways where you can strategically explain or give specific examples of ways that your product/service can help them increase revenue.

Create value through their unconsidered need, which are things that your prospects have not necessarily thought about and things that they don’t know that could be benefiting their organization but they haven’t taken advantage of.

There is no limit to increasing sales

Focus on increasing revenue because there is no ceiling with it and there is no set limit on the money you can bring in. Unlike reducing cost where there just comes a point where the could no longer go any lower.

Social intelligence is key

Do your homework. It is important to know the best strategy or process to understand how a company makes money.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

It is better to lead with ways that you can help your clients increase revenue than to just share with them ways to reduce expenses otherwise you come to a point where you simply outsell yourself since they can’t go any lower.
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